Who The Hell Is Tom Arnold?

Tom Arnold, Hawaii Five O, 2010.
Tom Arnold, Hawaii Five O, 2010.

Tom Arnold has to have been the sexiest man alive—to get it going for Roseanne.

“[Tom] Arnold was born in Ottumwa, Iowa…His mother abandoned the family when he was a child, and he and his [6] siblings were raised by their father…He was sexually abused from age 4–7 by a male babysitter….”

…Arnold met comedienne Roseanne Barr when she saw his act in 1983. Their relationship was complicated by his alcoholism and drug addiction….

…Roseanne Barr brought him in as a writer for her television sitcom, Roseanne. He married her in 1990…Arnold wrote himself into the show as the character ‘Arnie Thomas….’

…In a late-1990s interview on radio’s Howard Stern Show, Arnold admitted that his share of his and Barr’s estate amounted to ‘over $20,000,000,’ including a percentage of the Roseanne ABC-TV series, but would not elaborate, citing a confidentiality clause….”

What is Tom Arnold’s net worth today?
Net worth:
$30 Million

Tom Arnold has appeared in a flock of—to me— unmemorable movies, TV shows, his own cancelled TV show (18 episodes) and is today seemingly unemployed, with no apparent, serious movie career in the works. According to Wikipedia, his last appearance seems to have been in something called, “Maximum Impact” (2017).

That’s basically it. Tom Arnold in a nutshell.

The End.

However, Tom Arnold has recently managed to trump obscurity by resurrecting his public profile via inserting himself in the middle of a trumped up Trump “controversy,” wherein he can trumpet his own name.

Fawning Rolling Stone Interview, August 12, 2018:
“…He can hardly sit down without sending a leg into twitchy overdrive: ‘Shaky Tom,’ Barr called him. He says he’s ‘on the spectrum’ (he’s not big on eye contact) and has ADHD. The Ritalin his parents snuck into his food calmed him as a kid; cocaine did the same for him as an adult. He’s done an awful lot of drugs, was in rehab just last year. He is, in all, a frantic, lovable, weirdly charismatic mess, ‘a crazy person,’ by his own half-joking description….

…His claims of seeing Apprentice outtakes where Trump allegedly uses a racial slur were just the beginning. In September, Viceland will debut The Hunt for the Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold, a gonzo reality show about Arnold’s quest: Each episode will focus on a different alleged “tape,” from pee to Apprentice….

….Longtime friend Arnold Schwarzenegger has a simpler explanation, though: He told Politico that Tom is just trying to reclaim his past ‘notoriety….’ “

It seems to me, therefore, that Tom Arnold’s “credibility,” is as good now as it ever was.

And Donald Trump wants everybody dead from global warming. He hates blacks, but loves David Duke and Adolf Hitler. He routinely calls people, N*gger,” or “Kike,” or “Beaner,” or “Raghead.”

And last week he strangled a fuzzy cat. And its kittens. And the little old lady from Pasadena.

….Longtime friend Arnold Schwarzenegger has a simpler explanation…He told Politico that Tom is just trying to reclaim his past ‘notoriety….’ “

I don’t want to be a bigger part of lies, drama, aggrandizement, and distraction of Tom Arnold. These are goals Of socialists, One-Worlders, “progressives,” and Liberals in the MSM, instead of reporting Truth.

I think what I wrote is probably more than this topic of Tom Arnold—and who he used to be—is worth….


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