Has Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Own Racist History Comes Back To Bite Him?

Democrat Minority leader Chuck Schumer has always been one to call Republicans ‘racist.’ He’s done it repeatedly to Donald Trump, tried to paste the label on the late Justice Alito and has promised to attack Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions,the judge who destroyed the Klu Klau Klan in Alabama as a ‘racist’ as well.

As it turns out, it appears Senator Schumer may be  living in a glass house when it comes accusing anyone of  racism. As conservative talk show host Larry Elder relates, we have an eyewitness account of how Chuck Schumer started of his career as a New York State Assemblyman in 1974 by concocted a disgustingly racist scheme to push blacks out of a white neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. He convinced people living in the neighborhood that if they supported him, he would use his clout to defraud the blacks living in the neighborhood and get rid of them.

Here’s the actual article, from 2006, and Senator Schumer has never challenged this or denied it… but wait, there’s more.

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