Why are the people of the Southern states so mean, weird, and ignorant?

So, do you live here? How many Southerners do you know? How much time have you spent down here – or are you simply repeating stereotypes because Southerners are one of the few remaining groups we can make fun of?

I’m a Yankee who moved down here over 10 years ago. I used to spout stupid things about them – and then I visited the South. American Southerners are people – and like all people I’d say about 95% of them are decent and 5% of them are asshats. I’ve lived all over the USA and abroad and I’ve found that 95:5 ratio to be pretty consistent.

I’ve learned that many who dislike Southerners are often the same ones preaching “diversity.” True diversity means accepting people for who they are – and what they are not – and respecting them regardless.

Google Perpetuating Stereotypes