Will the Cuban vote decide FL for Trump?

Mary O’Grady posits an interesting scenario,
The Cost of Obama’s Cuba Policy. Exiles who oppose normalization could give Trump Florida’s 29 electoral votes.

Cuban-Americans who initially supported Mr. Obama’s outreach are increasingly disillusioned with an administration strategy that helps the Castros but leaves out the Cuban people. This could affect turnout among left-of-center voters who care about human rights.

The Obama policy also seems to be energizing greater numbers of conservative and independent Cuban-Americans to rally behind the Republican candidate. A New York Times Upshot/Siena College poll released on Oct. 30 had the New York real-estate developer leading Mrs. Clinton 52% to 42% among Cuban-Americans. Some read this as a result of recent Trump efforts in south Florida to make himself a champion of Cuban exiles. But it is more likely a rise in the protest vote.

Carlos Eire posted the full article.

I have observed the following here in Miami, a city unlike any other in the nation:
1. No Hillary bumper stickers, lawn signs, or buttons. Not one to be seen.
2. Several Trump lawn signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts (including the guy where I voted), red hats, and a few trucks with banners.
3. Dismal turnout for Hillary or Kaine rallies, thousands for Trump.
4. Spanish-language pro-Hillary door-to-door canvassing that is outright deceitful.
5. Hillary’s campaign approach for the Hispanics: Pandering, pure and simple. Issues such as the economy or national security are rarely, if ever, mentioned.

In spite, or even perhaps because, of #4 and #5, the enthusiasm is with Trump.

Spanish-language television is diehard pro Hillary Clinton, incessantly, referring to her in obeisance as “Mrs. Hillary”, while Donald Trump is called “Trump” at best, usually in hostile terms.

As far as the Puerto Ricans siding with Hillary, I’ve yet to find any who would admit to it. Instead, several Puerto Rican women are appalled that Hillary showed up with gangster moll Alicia Machado. Likewise with Venezuelans who are U.S. citizens.

Speaking of which, Obama’s answer to Gina Rodríguez’s question didn’t get him any points with anyone who has legally undergone the process to become a U.S. citizen.

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