Winning Submissions Tell A Tale of Two Obama’s (and one media)

This weeks winning entries pit the mainstream media’s pro-Obama narrative against Barack Obama’s actual record of accomplishment and personal identity.

The media has shed what little credibility they had by coming to the defense of Barack Obama’s “share the wealth” statement. Once again those that oppose Barack Obama on substantive matters are being labeled as racist. Attacked by the very people that should protect the rights of those that speak candidly about their political leaders.

The winning entries in both categories touch on these topics. The top entries in each category explore these topics in depth with a focus on the corrupt media and their attempts to rewrite history in real time with the skilled expertise of antagonistic propagandists.

When viewed as a retrospective I doubt that any of today’s so called journalists will publicly admit to their intellectually bankrupt behavior but these entries note it as a public record.

Winning Council Submissions

Winning Non-Council Submissions

T* – Denotes Tie