The weird word association game that all Leftists play

Dictionary Word Association

Every conversation with a Leftist is a secret game of word association, because Leftists assume any negative words are coded insults about minorities.

I have a rich vocabulary. I’ve learned, though, that those of my words with negative connotations (not racial, mind you, just negative) spark a peculiar game of word association in Leftist minds. Thus, use a word that’s not neutral or complimentary in meaning, and Leftists instantly think of black people or, sometimes, Hispanics and black people:

Squalid —> “That’s about black people. You’re a racist.”

Niggardly —> “That’s about black people. You’re a racist.”

Illegal alien —> “That’s about black and Hispanic people. You’re a racist.”

Thug —> “That’s about black people. You’re a racist.”

Mob —> “That’s about black people. You’re a racist.”

I use the above words, and many more, strictly in the dictionary or legal sense. To every Leftist, though, they’re a Rorschach test, proving I’m a racist.

It seems to me that the contrary is true. The only racists in these conversations are those Leftists who, when hearing words with negative connotations, instantly think only of people of color who aren’t actual BOREOS. Conversing with a Leftist is fun only if (a) you like to see everything turned upside down and made nonsensical and (b) you find ad hominem attacks against yourself amusing.

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