World War “C” Has begun, and USA President Donald Trump Is Fighting To Win

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…In a reassuring address to America for the ages in how to handle an unexpected viral infection, it was noteworthy that President Trump brought comfort, perspective, and sanity to a breaking event that has not yet fully run its course.  This brings us to “C” for China.  It is the Wuhan Virus, full stop, as much as the lying leadership of China first denied it and the morally blind virtue-signaling P.C. police deemed calling it “Wuhan Virus” racist.

The reality is that a pandemic, thank God, is a unique and rare event.  The People’s Republic of China, by first going into its denial and deception phase, which is its typical M.O., directly unleashed the Wuhan Virus into  the world.  Mitigating deaths as it spreads falls to thoughtful, courageous national leaders like President Trump, but the initial blame is all on the PRC communist leadership.

Because free nations let their guard down, there is also the possibility raised by China that in capturing a major share of the production facilities of life-saving meds, the Chinese have the power to coerce America.

That type of direct threat is the opening round of a for real World War C by the Chinese using biological agents and medical  compounds production facilities as their weapon of war.

But here is  a news flash for China: in a Rose Garden event, on a historic Friday the thirteenth, President Trump just mobilized the private sector to fight World War C for this generation.  It is a moment in time now captured by reaching back to Admiral Yamamoto’s ominous warning after the Japanese  attacked Pearl Harbor: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

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China, continue to fight World War C, and you will most definitely lose :)

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