Would the Left Defend Roman Polanski if He Were a Priest?

I read a great perspective on the mainstream media/Hollywierd infatuation with defending Roman Polanski:

You know what all those Hollywood glitterati would have said if he were a priest? The man is accused of giving liquor and quaaludes to a 13 year old girl and then raping her.

The Betsy’s page insight was inspired by David Gibson at Politics Daily.

There is the obvious parallel to the cases in the Catholic Church, which have rightly scandalized the public and the media. Prosecutors and plaintiffs’ attorneys have been dogged in pursuing these cases — whether out of concern for their careers or for justice — and the outrage was so widespread that the State of California created a one-year window in 2003 during which the statute of limitations on abuse crimes by Catholic priests was lifted. That meant the victims of men who were often long dead could finally get their day in court, or find some sense of justice and closure — and for cases that were no more egregious than Polanski’s abuse of Geimer. Polanski is alive, at least.

Comparisons are by their nature invidious. But what if Roman Polanksi were wearing a Roman collar? Would “Monsignor Polanksi” receive the same considerations? As Father Thomas Reese, a Jesuit, writes at the Post’s “On Faith” site, “Imagine if the Knights of Columbus decided to give an award to a pedophile priest who had fled the country to avoid prison. The outcry would be universal.” And rightly so, as Reese says. But Polanski gets an Oscar in absentia in 2003 and earns sympathy because he can’t receive it in person.

I completely disagree with Betsy’s conclusion:

Let him stand trial and give him perhaps a reduced sentence based on the victim’s stated wish for leniency for him.

Polanski already plead guilty to the charge and accepted a plea deal on a lessor crime and was awaiting sentencing when he fled. The trial has concluded and Polanski is a fugitive from justice. If anything the plea deal might not be accepted in light of his fleeing to another country but a new reduced sentence is not in order.

Paterrico who works for the Los Angeles County District Attorney notes that all his department has to do is represent the people of California at the sentencing.

He also noted the brutality of the drugging and forced anal rape of a 13 year old girl with a snippet of the grand jury testimony. I won’t reprint it here but you can read it for yourself. Suffice it to say that this man is being protected by the media and those on the left because he is a Hollywood celebrity.

As for the now 40 something victim one must note that she accepted a settlement from Polanski and that could certainly weigh on her call for leniency so many years later.  I can’t speak for her. But she can’t speak for all other past and future victims of this sort of crime.

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