Your Obligatory Hannah Giles Half Naked Clad in a Bikini Post

Hi Lefty losers. Congrats on being this week’s weekend weasel. Hope your search for naked pictures of Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe is turning up sour grapes; more benefits of supporting that corrupt and now disgraced organization called ACORN.

For those of you that aren’t aware, leftist supporters of the vote stealing group are desperate to smear the two people that did the job the mainstream media refused to do. Thus they put their collective brain cell together and came up with a truly original idea. Let’s find naked pictures of Hanna Giles in an effort to kill the messenger.

Big Government sends out the alert.

Word on the street is that the Left, the “equal pay, pro-women” left is desperately searching for lewd photos of Hannah Giles.

Savor that bit of irony for a moment.


The Left is seeking to employ sexism as a way to take down yet another young woman. A rationale after Ike Turner’s own heart! Leftist ideology replaces “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” as the modern-day female prison; step out of line and you will be virtually and emotionally abused by the burdensome patriarchal undercurrent that powers this political rationale. They’re only for choice if that “choice” is the genocide of the female sex; they’re only for female empowerment if it doesn’t disrupt the fragile liberal status quo – and Giles is the most recent example.

As a young woman, I can say that sexist behavior so often perpetrated by the left is a major reason why I and many other women left the Democratic party. It’s gross to know that a bunch of crusty, old, pee-paw Democratic operatives are, at this second, scouring the web for nudie Giles shots as a way to discredit her and O’Keefe’s work.

The reasoning of these ACORN supporters is that the message is only as valid as the messenger is pure. By that “logic,” nothing is reasonable, including that statement.

Thankfully, fellow conservative bloggers like RS McCainLittle Miss Attila and others recognized early on and by way of SEO made sure that their mentions of search terms involving Giles and bikinis brought searchers to their blogs, effectively lampooning those of ill will.

Seriously, does anyone expect anything different from than these morons on the left? I hope all bloggers reading this post join in the effort to make an example of these and other ACORN supporters and join the effort to expose them for the losers that they really are.

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