August 20, 2017

09-11-16: We’re Deplorable


Twenty percent of living Americans have a direct connection to 9-11. They knew someone, in many cases, loved someone, that died that day and in the aftermath. First responders and those that labored, often in vain, to rescue survivors, continue to die from the complications of inhaling toxic fumes, including the atomized bodies of the victims, at the site. And, with the relentless march of time, twenty percent of Americans have no independent memory of 9-11.

I’ve written about 9-11 from time to time, but this year, more than any other, it’s time to update those memorials. This year, more than any other, will determine whether America rises yet again to the challenge of an implacable enemy that desires nothing less than our individual deaths, and the death of Democracy and western civilization, or whether America slouches off into the kind of socialist paradise now consuming Venezuela, just as our terrorist enemy consumed the Twin Towers.

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