A Parade of Liars, Cowards and Fools

I knew that no matter what the media would try to place all blame on the president. It is now a given that the mainstream media have actually morphed into activists, Left-Wing Activists to be precise. They have forsaken even the smallest pretense of being journalists. Objectivity? They don’t need no stinkin’ objectivity! Heck, the media activists at CNN and MSNBS were already going into full-blown Pravda mode Saturday afternoon. Bashing the president for not condemning the violence, even as he was actually condemning the violence.

I knew the blithering morons in Hollywood would go into emotional overload, it is what they do. Here is Mark Ruffalo proving he has mastered the art of babbling. He blames the president for everything, because NAZIS!

OK then

I really did not expect the media, however, and so many politicians, and “Conservative commentators” crying, babbling, and bending over backwards to prove how “woke” they are to go to the extraordinary lengths to which they are going to prove the president Trump is a RAAAAACISTLY RAACIST Nazi or something.

Here are two idiots over reacting and showing how ignorant they are. 

Someone pass me a Kleenex, or maybe a vomit bag because the fact is this. Racism is a tiny factor in America. The Left, of course exacerbates everything “racist” and gins up fake racism to further their agenda of division and discontent. These two emotionally stunted people sound like whiny children frankly. The president was not ambiguous, he was very clear, at least to anyone with ears, in condemning hate groups. The only people saying otherwise either have agendas, or are driven by their own bigotry. But, back to the media activism

I really did not expect CNN to run banners proclaiming that President Trump had “refused to condemn White Nationalists”. A claim with no credibility whatsoever. The President has repeatedly condemned all hate groups, bigotry, hatred since Saturday afternoon. No he did not name specific groups, maybe because he figured people are smart enough to understand what the word all means. In reaction, he did name specific ideologies. That, of course was not soon enough for the activists in the media. 

The fact is this. The despicable swine white nationalists are to blame for the violence, yes. they came with their clubs, sticks, shields, helmets, etc.  President Trump pointed this out during his press conference. He also pointed out that the Antifa trash also brought shields, helmets, clubs, etc. They were equally responsible for the violence which occurred between these two factions of human filth. That statement is not ambiguous or misleading. It is simply truth. The truth, of course, is not allowed by the Left. And, sadly, the media has devolved from having a liberal bias to being another arm of leftism.

Even ESPN has delved into the activism of the Left, and continue to, despite their drop in viewership. Dear ESPN, people watch you to hear about sports, not politics, especially politics from a decidedly left-wing slant. Frankly, ESPN does sports like no one else. Sadly, social activism is now their agenda.

The activism, and political cowrdaice does not end with the media though. Business leaders have bailed on President Trump’s panels to promote business growth over his “sins”. The head of Apple got on the diving board of idiocy and proceeded to do a belly flop

Apple CEO Tim Cook took aim at President Donald Trump’s statements defending white nationalists — and pledged in a memo to employees that the company would provide monetary support to anti-hate groups.

Note first that the report accuses the president of “defending” white nationalists. He did no such thing, not even close. He clearly condemned them. Now to the head of Apple and why is so aggrieved

“We must not witness or permit such hate and bigotry in our country, and we must be unequivocal about it,” Cook wrote in the memo, distributed Wednesday. “I disagree with the president and others who believe that there is a moral equivalence between white supremacists and Nazis, and those who oppose them by standing up for human rights. Equating the two runs counter to our ideals as Americans.”

So, he is angry because the president agrees with him? His statement pretty much mirrors the president’s. Yet he is bashing President Trump? The president made no moral equivalence between Nazis and peaceful protesters. None! He did compare the white nationalist scum to the Antifa scum, and rightfully so. They are both scum, violent scum. The only difference, of course is that the media acivists are not to keen on reporting the violence and thuggery of Antifa, much less their numerous uses of violence and intimidation to stifle free speech. And no, Mr. Cook, those fighting with the white nationalists trash in Charlottsville were not standing up for human rights. As their record shows, Antifa is about crushing rights, not defending them. Again they are no better than the white nationalists. they are all scum alike.

This raises one other point. I have heard several activists/commentators, it is getting hard to tell the difference frankly, saying those fighting with the supremists were justified for using pepper spray, sticks, clubs, etc. they were justified, the narrative goes, because they were fighting against Nazis. There are numerous problems with this of course.One of these is this. If we give moral license to Antifa to attack “Nazis” we must also allow them to define what a “Nazi” is. And, the fact is this. Antifa defines anyone who disgrees with them in any way as a Nazi. So, you can see where this would lead. If you think college campuses are dangerous for Conservatives, and actual Liberals who believe in free speech now…………

But to expect a Leftist activist to oppose beat downs of political others is to expect too much. Leftist, are really just like the white nationalists. They are both Totalitarians. Both entirely intolerant and consumed with irrational hatred. Both aspire evil ideologies. Both are obssessed with control, and use division to further their agenda. Both are, as our presidnet said, violent. Both are addicted to spreading their own brand of Collectivism, and as such are mortal enemies of the most basic principle of our nation, Individualism.

President Trump called both of them out, and rightfully so. The media, and the Left, but I repeat myself, lost their minds when he did. This whole episode does expose some ugly truths. Not about President Trump, but about our media, and about certain commentators, and politicians who are so deeply offended by the truth. I leave you with some Larry Elder who remembers some of the things the media forgets

Photo by wuestenigel