18 Minutes of Video The Left Doesn’t Want You To See

Update Below: 1934 Political Cartoon warning about big spending dems!

With the untimely death of Freddie Mac CFO David Kellermann I thought it best to look back to the leading causes of the financial crisis. Please take 20 minutes of your day to watch these two important videos. (h/t Don Wade and Roma, WLS AM Chicago)

These videos were readily available before the election, the clips were in the public domain before the market collapsed and AFTER. Yet the disgusting activists in the mainstream media ignored them. They glorified the Democrats, vilified the Republicans, vilified the CEO’s and cheered the government takeover of private industry. Is it any wonder that the newspapers are failing?

Speaking of shame, if it turns out that Kellermann did kill himself out of shame or any other kind of fallout related to the financial crisis I think it might be nice to contact Iowa Senator Charles Grassley and remind him of the ramifications of his stupid ass demagoguery; is this the Japanese approach he was hoping for?

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And from 1934 we have a historical omen warning about big spending Democrats: (Hat Tip Gateway Pundit, Professor Bainbridge, Fire Andrea Mitchell)