Guns & 2nd Amendment

Guns: Securing The Right To Self-Defense And Life, Part 2

By:  Mike McDaniel    Last week’s installment of this updated series asked a fundamental question: Do human beings have an unalienable right to self- defense? There is no question the founding fathers of our constitutional, representative republic believed they do, and they acknowledged–not created–that right in the Second Amendment. This was affirmed in [Read More]


Dancing With The Stars, Week 8 review

Dancing With The Stars always goes all out for Halloween, and last night was no exception. Every single dance had a Halloween theme. I would be remiss, therefore, if I didn’t say that the dancers weren’t the only stars of the evening:  The people behind the scenes, the ones who [Read More]

Race Relations

Social Justice is the New Bullying

Social Justice sounds so, so just doesn’t it? I mean justice is right there in the name, right? And isn’t justice a good thing? I mean when justice reigns, bad guys get punished for their transgressions, and good people are rewarded and protected. How very, just right? Wrong! Social Justice [Read More]

Donald Trump

Trump Or Not The Deplorables Are Coming

By Scott Kirwin The cover of The New Yorker has a distorted close up picture of Donald Trump’s face with the word “Loser”. It’s not surprising that America’s most liberal publication takes issue with the Trump candidacy and its supporters, blaming them personally for all the ugliness of this campaign. [Read More]


The Progressive Agenda to Distract and a Bonfire for Comey

So long as FBI Director, James Comey, was doing Barack Obama’s bidding, Progressives were pleased.  However, since Friday, Hillary Clinton, her campaign, Progressives bureaucrats and heir conglomerate of propagandists have stopped just short of demanding a bonfire with the FBI Director as fuel. Never one to sit out a burning, [Read More]