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The Greatest Female Television Star

Among the accolades being heaped on Mary Tyler Moore following her death, she is being called the “greatest female television star ever”. That is untrue, illustrating only how ignorant of history Americans are. In three consecutive decades, in 1951 through 1956, 1962 through 1969, and 1970 through 1972, among the [Read More]

Donald Trump

CAIR, Marxist Puppets Triggered over President Trump’s Proposed Temp Muslim Ban

After having the lay of the land and the White House for the past eight years, donors and co-conspirators of jihadist organizations such as Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) are furious over President Donald Trump’s coming executive orders to temporarily ban entry of Muslims into the United States from jihadist [Read More]


Election Night from inside the White House

By Don Surber The alcohol began flowing before 7:30 p.m. The chicken fingers and waffle fries (but not from Chick fil-A, peasants) had just arrived. For two years, they had called Hillary the PIW — president in waiting. Soon it would be official. Or so a man who was there, [Read More]

Donald Trump

Mexico wants respect

Mexican president to Trump: My nation ‘demands respect’, while offering Mexicans illegally in the U.S. help in defying immigration laws (emphasis added): Peña Nieto also highlighted Trump’s pledge to control migration into the U.S., reassuring Mexicans that their government will offer the protection Mexican immigrants require when they are in [Read More]

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American Values

By: Mike McDaniel    Barack Obama was–how pleasing to speak of him in the past tense–fond of lecturing Americans—actually, the world—on a variety of topics, but he was seldom as disgusting and foolish as when he hectored us about what he imagined to be American “values.” Coincidentally, those “values invariably turned [Read More]

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Donald Trump

Trump’s promise to shrink government is antithetical to fascism

With the Left’s mental breakdown escalating, and the fearful cries about fascism getting louder daily, I put together a rather crudely composed poster aimed at addressing what I see as a core problem with the constant claim that Trump represents a rebirth of 1950s fascism: I keep thinking that, if [Read More]

Guns & 2nd Amendment

Your hero of the Day

Remember the man that saved an Arizona state trooper by shooting the man attacking the trooper? Well, here he is Consider former felon Thomas Yoxall’s debt to society paid in full, with interest. The man who shot and killed an assault suspect on a dark highway in Arizona, rescuing a state [Read More]


Schumer And The Democrats: Integrity And Honor?

By: Mike McDaniel    Pity Tom Cotton, a former Army officer and combat veteran. He’s used to men keeping their word and behaving with honor.  And now he’s a U. S. Senator, surrounded by people, particularly Democrats, who couldn’t find integrity and honor in an Internet dictionary. Stephen F. Hayes at [Read More]

Guns & 2nd Amendment

Guns: Securing The Right To Self-Defense And Life, Part 14

By: Mike McDaniel    This is the final article in the series, which ties up loose ends. You may, gentle readers, wish to stick around for the next few Tuesdays as I provide more specific primers on revolvers, semiautos and rifles. To read the rest, go here…


Al Sharpton: “Resist We Much!”

By: Mike McDaniel    Here we see why the progressive left is such a siren song for not only low information voters, but low intelligence voters. I speak, of course, of the Rev. Al Sharpton–by all means, take the link and view the very short video–who makes a stirring call to action against [Read More]


Chelsea Handler proves how shallow and hypocritical the Left is

Priceless! Handler starts off saying this, which actually sounds reasonable “Divisiveness is not the answer,” she explained. “And I think to get that message, we have to reach across party lines, forget your party. I’m registering as an Independent. I’m not gonna be a Democrat anymore because it’s too divisive. This [Read More]

Wall of Shame

Former Gang Banger Commuted by Obama Executed at Halfway House.

A former gang member whose drug sentence was commuted last November by Barack Obama was executed at a federal halfway house in Saginaw, Michigan. The goal: execution. Two masked gangbangers entered the halfway house Monday night armed with two rifles in search of31-year-old, Damarlon C. Thomas, a former member of [Read More]


Feminists: The New Prudes

It seems Feminists wish to be the wardrobe Police In the fall, actress Karen Gillan came under fire for her skimpy outfit in the upcoming Jumanji movie, in which she stars alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart. Now, Gillan is explaining why the outfit actually makes perfect [Read More]

Unprecedented Obstruction claims NYT

Yes, The Media Deliberately Misrepresented The Crowd Size At The Inaugural

The mainstream news media made headlines over the weekend out of what they labeled as a sub par crowd size at the inaugural. Their meme, of course, is that Trump is illegitimate, unpopular and really shouldn’t be president. The New York Times led the charge, with most of the media [Read More]

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Donald Trump

CIA Agents Cheer Trump – ‘Feud’ Is Just Another Fake News Story

President Trump’s very first stop on his first full day in office was at CIA headquarters, where a capacity crowd of 400 agents, analysts and other personnel were there to here him speak. Remember, According to the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and other fake news purveyors, the personal [Read More]