Your Marxist Morons of the Day

There are degrees of stupid. There is stupid, then there is Jimmy Carter level stupid, then there is Nuclear Grade Stupid Bob Owens explores a case of the nuclear grade variety One of the realities of law enforcement is that higher-level police brass are typically more interested in protecting their own [Read More]

Resistbot text

Resistbot — for Progressives who care enough to text

For Progressives burning up with righteous anger, but too lazy actually to act upon it, there’s Resistbot: text it and it will write your letter for you. My Progressive Facebook friends have a new toy, one that allows them to send a detailed message to their representatives in Washington simply [Read More]

Social Issues

Digging a Grave

By Scott Kirwin Springs storms are rolling through my area of rural North Carolina. The cropped fields are greening up and the trees are leafing out. Near my house there is a tall hickory tree that my dogs, all rescues, like to play under. My 70 lb puppy in particular [Read More]


Chuck Schumer, A Football, And Charlie Brown Republicans

By: Mike McDaniel    I have often written about the nature of progressivism and progressives. The election of Donald Trump, and his obvious determination to do what he promised to do during the campaign—something of a rarity in American politics to be sure–have driven progressives over the ragged edge of sanity, [Read More]


When I say Feminists HATE men, well…….

Are you a man? Do you like sex? Do you enjoy making your partner climax? If you answered yes, then you are a sexist, knuckle dragging pig! H/T Moonbattery Visiting Cosmopolitan might cause the dumb sensors to overload, so let’s take Daily Wire‘s word for what can be found there: “It’s [Read More]


Seattle sues to protect sanctuary city status

If I am not mistaken, immigration laws are federal, as they ought to be. City governments should not be flouting those laws. William Teach explores the issue On the one hand, Seattle is doing all it can to take firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens. On the [Read More]


Senate votes to allow states to deny funds to Planned Parenthood

All I can say, as tired as I am, is GOOD! Republican legislation letting states deny federal family planning money to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers squeezed narrowly through the Senate Thursday, rescued by an ailing GOP senator who returned to the Capitol after back surgery and a tie-breaking [Read More]

Nuclear Families
Social Issues

Bookworm Beat 3/30/17 — tight-knit communities, nuclear families, and individual worth

Looking at this grab-bag post, I can see the common thread: valuing tight-knit communities, nuclear families, and each individual’s worth. I know why Utah’s welfare is working. Megan McArdle wrote a much-talked-about article in which she looked at Utah, which has extremely good and affordable social services. The key to [Read More]


We Will Still Trump Obamacare

Reports of Obamacare’s life are premature. Yes, we will still trump ObamaCare. Liberals gloated last week when President Trump realized the Freedom Caucus was an immovable object, threw up his hands, and told the House to vote on Ryancare. Up or down. He no longer cared. However, I realized it [Read More]

Middle East

Is There A Road To Mideast Peace? Reality Vs. Fiction

Now that the Trump Administration has shown itself to be unabashedly pro-Israel, the usual suspects in the media and are spreading their usual logorrhea* on the subject of Mideast peace and of course, the vital necessity of a Palestinian state. What’s interesting is that most of what these people are [Read More]

Pop culture

Japan’s New Growth Industry – Gigolos And Male Escort Clubs For Women

Japan has a new growth industry that would have made the Samurai lose  their composure totally…clubs and agencies featuring what amounts to male geishas for lonely women! There are a growing number of wealthy,  successful Japanese women that have all but given up on  traditional dating and would rather spend [Read More]

Race Relations

The Freddie Gray Case, Update 44: The Dangers Of Embracing Social Justice

By: Mike McDaniel    In Update 42 and Update 43, I continued to report on the seemingly never-ending story of Marilyn Mosby’s filed prosecutions of the Baltimore police officers in any way involved in the arrest, and accidental, self-inflicted death of Freddie Gray. The Freddie Gray case archive is available here.  To read the rest, [Read More]


The Political Parties Are An Illusion Designed To “Relegate The Governed To A Position Barely Above That Of Cattle”

SHTFplan.com by Jeremiah Johnson As I wrote in several previous articles: The President cannot be completely assessed for effectiveness until the first 6 months have passed in this term, He needs to attain success within the first year (and optimally within the first six months) as the midterm election campaigning [Read More]