Climate Apocalypse, Again!

By: Mike McDaniel    As regular readers know, climate hysteric Michael Mann is among the leaders of a discredited science that regularly engage in serial predictions of the doom of mankind. So often has our collective doom been predicted, it’s hard to tell if the Earth still exists and if [Read More]

media bias

Here, Fake Media, is how you “pay” for tax cuts

As soon as President Trump announced a tax cutting plan to simplify the tax code, and that reduces tax rates and increases the personal exemption to $12,000 from $6,300 for individuals, the media, along with Democrats started singing a familiar tune. How will we “pay” for tax cuts they cried. [Read More]


Actor Richard Dreyfuss Joins Fox News, Tucker Carlson

What a great discussion last night between Fox News Tucker Carlson and actor, Richard Dreyfuss. Dreyfuss did most of the talking and Carlson listened mostly because both men were in agreement and Carlson like the rest of us was surprised to learn that Dreyfuss is a  Constitutionalist. One of the [Read More]

Guns & 2nd Amendment

You don’t have to be an uninformed buffoon to write editorials for the NY Times…………..

……….but boy does it help! Francis X Clines recently got out his crayons and construction paper to give us this bit of babbling idiocy FAIRFAX, Va. — A poster figure of John Wayne, the mega-hero of Hollywood westerns, offers a greeting here at the gun museum’s gallery door as he [Read More]


Survival Of The Republic

By: Mike McDaniel    It has been a long time coming, but it’s here. Progressives (leftists, statists, socialists, communists, Obamites, take your pick) have escalated their tactics. They’ve always been intimidating, even violent, motivated by self-imagined and assured moral and intellectual superiority, and their unshakeable belief in the depravity, even [Read More]

Hillary Clinton

Chelsea Clinton: Humanitarian

By Mike McDaniel    Feeling jealousy over the accomplishments of others is commonly thought to be a sign of poor breeding. It is, at the least, indicative of a selfish personality. However, mocking those given conspicuous public awards for political purposes is a venerable American sport, one in which I [Read More]


Elizabeth Warren has burr in saddle over Obama’s $400k fee for Wall Street speech.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was fit to be tied after the news broke that Barack Obama has agreed to be the keynote speaker at investment banking and brokerage firm, Cantor Fitzgerald’s healthcare conference this coming September. Obama who has for eight years incessantly sullied Wall Street fats cats over their salaries [Read More]

Pinocchio Lies Lying Liars

NY Times Spreads Fake News: Ivanka Wasn’t Booed in Germany

By Scott Kirwin Three days ago the New York Times reported that Ivanka Trump was booed at a conference in Germany when she defended her father. The New York Times reports, “During the panel discussion, which included Ms. Merkel and Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, [Read More]

Modern feminists ignore real women's issues
Social Issues

Why are Modern Feminists Such Wimps? — a guest post from Lulu

Modern feminists protest loudly and without risk about “rape culture” and abortion, while ignoring the horrors that Islamic countries inflict on women. The suffragettes who literally risked life and limb to get women the right to vote were heroes who began the process of achieving equal rights for women at [Read More]


You cannot, and must not appease bullies

Bullies offer us but two choices. Stand up to them, or cave in to them. The first course will dissuade the bullies, and others who would copy their tactics. The second leads to more bullying, and ultimately total subjugation. The foolish organizers of Oregon’s Avenue of Rose parade have chosen the [Read More]

Donald Trump

Venezuela: It’s Trump’s Fault

By: Mike McDaniel    No matter how bad the decline of a socialist state might be, there are always American fellow travelers helping out. I’ve been following the rapidly declining fortunes of Venezuela for some time now. In This Time It’ll Work, earlier this year, I wrote: To read the rest, [Read More]

Social Issues

Fellow UC Alumni: Stop Donating to UC Schools

By Scott Kirwin, UCSD ’91 My wife and I are alumni of University of California – San Diego. We are the type of alumni colleges like. We are professionally successful, financially secure and credit our education for a good part of that. In the past we have donated to our [Read More]

Social Issues

Ann Coulter Forced To Cancel Speech At Berkeley – And How We Fight back

Ann Coulter was forced to cancel her speech at UC Berkeley after the city of Berkeley’s Police Department told her they could not (read, would not) guarantee her safety. That should be no surprise, since they essentially followed orders from the mayor and police chief to stand down and allowed [Read More]


Female Genital Mutilation And Cultural Equivalence

By: Mike McDaniel    Does Islam mandate the genital mutilation of girls and women? Scholars differ on the relevant passage, as this link reveals.  However, even if one accepts the idea that it is not mandated, Islam’s other teachings, and its related cultural practices, which relegate women to a status [Read More]

Trump's first hundred days

Highlighting how ridiculous the first hundred days concept really is

The first hundred days concept is ridiculous as shown both by objective analysis and by a media swoon over Hillary’s first hundred days as “not-President.” Pravda . . . um, I mean the mainstream media has been tremendously excited about what it characterizes as the failure that is President Trump’s first [Read More]