Ghost Soldiers- Non-Existent Afghan Troops Who Cost Millions In US Aid

The always scintillating Sharyl Atkisson has a great story on her new site Full Measure on how the Afghans have discovered an old scam used by the Mafia and the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians to steal money from gullible donors. It’s called no show jobs. Afghani government authorities collect [Read More]

Guns & 2nd Amendment

Charlotte: Resolution Continues, Not Ends

By: Mike McDaniel    I began a series of articles on the Charlotte Police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in September of 2016 with an article explaining the realities of gunfights. They’re virtually nothing like the movies. I ended with this: To read the rest, go here…


A Shout Out To Honor ANZAC Day

How do you adequately thank a true friend, someone whose stands by you when it counts? ANZAC Day is a perfect occasion to do exactly that. Because today is ANZAC day, when our brave allies in Oz and New Zealand honor their superb Diggers and Kiwis, the fighting men who [Read More]

Ukraine Immigration Bookworm Beat Honduran Invasion Leftists Obama Brennan Insane Leftists Benghazi Kavanaugh Disgusting Democrats American Life

The Bookworm Beat 4/24/17 — “watching as the Left continues circling the drain” edition

This Bookworm Beat has all shades of Progressive insanity (fake data, attacks on free speech, Chelseamania), complete with links and my trenchant comments. Keep circling that drain. Before I get into the meat of this post detailing the worst emanations from the Democrats and their fellow travelers on their Left, [Read More]


Georgia’s Special Election…A Lesson The Democrats Just Won’t Learn

One of the more amusing internet memes out there now is watching the Dem ‘resistance’ and their trained media shills try to spin their defeat in Georgia’s special election into a ‘victory.’ This is what happens to people when they’re raised on participation trophies. Jon Ossoff, the sole Democrat running [Read More]


Exposing the real agenda behind the push for an Article V convention

Publius Huldah’s Blog by Publius Huldah Exposing the real agenda behind the push for an Article V convention from Publius Huldah on Vimeo. This presentation was given on April 17, 2017 at the beautiful old Supreme Court Chamber at the Tennessee Capitol Building in Nashville. Exhibit List The proposed Constitution [Read More]


Forum: What Would Real Tax Reform Look Like?

Every week on Monday, the WoW! writers, community and our invited guests weigh in at the Wow! Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: What Would Real Tax Reform Look Like? Don Surber: Real tax reform would be 20% [Read More]

Social Justice Warriors
Pop culture

In the ongoing battle against social justice warriors, there’s no room for daintiness

Those who are offended by brute force tactics in the battle against social justice warriors forget that we are in an ideological war with real enemies. He’s been making popular, funny videos challenging social justice warriors for over a year now, but somehow I managed to miss entirely the Chris [Read More]


The March For Plumbing

By: Mike McDaniel    Well, the March For Science (and Earth Day) took place over the weekend, here and there, mostly in leftist enclaves. Odd that. That’s rather like having a march for plumbing, or carpentry. The difference being plumbing and carpentry pay their own way–actually make a profit–and have [Read More]


Pope Francis Viciously Insults The Jews – Again

Yesterday, Pope Francis referred to EU refugee centers as “concentration camps.” “These refugee camps — so many are concentration camps, crowded with people… because international accords seem more important than human rights,” Francis said in impromptu remarks. Ironically, this happened while he was  attending a ceremony in memory of modern-day [Read More]

Macalester an American college

A microcosm of the maddening mix of Progressive hate, ignorance, and nonsense at an American college

Despite a small spark of rationality, Macalester College’s weekly paper displays the Progressive hate, ignorance, and nonsense at an American college. Knowing my passion for free speech, someone sent me a small sign of hope: a link to a student-written opinion piece from the weekly student newspaper at Macalester University [Read More]

Social Issues

Tucker wipes the floor with Junk Science Guy, Bill Nye. (video)

The following video is my contribution to Earth Day, a day late I know but here it is anyway. Published on Feb 27, 2017 – Fox News Bill Nye has argued that climate change deniers suffer psychological delusions. Tucker takes him on in an unforgettable debate #Tucker Cross-posted on PUMABydesign001’s [Read More]

Donald Trump

President Trump Signs Financial Services Executive Orders

The White House April 21, 2017 Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of the Treasury MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY SUBJECT: Orderly Liquidation Authority Title II of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Public Law 111-203 (the “Dodd-Frank Act”), established an Orderly Liquidation Authority (OLA). Using [Read More]


Media lies, and a death in Paris

Daniel Greenfield tells us a story that we need to hear. A story the corrupt media will not report because they are about protecting a narrative Sarah Lucy Halimi was thrown out of the window of the third floor Paris apartment while she begged her Muslim killer to spare her [Read More]