Education: In Defense Of Maryland Rape Culture

By: Mike McDaniel    Let us, gentle readers, engage in a brief thought experiment. A criminal, through the good graces of a foolish progressive judge, is given a low bail for a charge of rape, obtains a bail bond, and is quickly back out on the street. Being a serial rapist, [Read More]

Terence Crutcher 60 Minutes Police
Guns & 2nd Amendment

“60 Minutes” completely mangles its report on Terence Crutcher

Getting news from 60 Minutes is like getting news from the village idiot, as shown by its ludicrous segment on Terence Crutcher. Last night, 60 Minutes devoted two segments to the Terence Crutcher shooting. As you may recall, in September 2016, Betty Shelby, a police officer in Tulsa, came upon [Read More]


Muslim refugee rapes 10-year-old boy, denies it is a crime

Every Liberal whining about enhanced vetting should take heed A refugee who raped a ten-year-old boy has claimed he did not know sexually assaulting the child was wrong as it was ‘culturally acceptable’ in his homeland. Mufiz Rahaman told Sydney’s Downing Centre Court raping children was not seen as morally [Read More]

Cherry Blossoms Kyoto Climate Change
Social Issues

Cherry blossoms and climate change; or, never trust Progressives and charts

When a Progressive blames early cherry blossoms on climate change, I start doing research — and discover that there are more likely causes. A Progressive friend of mine on Facebook very smugly linked to the chart below, which identifies 1,200 years of bloom dates for cherry blossoms. He did not post [Read More]

HBO's Rock and a Hard Place
Race Relations

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson’s “Rock and a Hard Place” is worth watching

If you have access to HBO, I highly recommend Rock and a Hard Place, a superb documentary about young criminals in a boot camp rehabilitation program. I don’t usually recommend HBO documentaries, which hew so hard left that, when I mention them at this blog, I do so only to [Read More]

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LA Times And The Ferguson Effect: It’s Mystifying!

By: Mike McDaniel    Progressives are always surprised when their policies inevitably blow up in their faces. They have no idea how absolutely foreseeable consequences could possibly have happened. It’s always a mystery. Why, it’s mystifying! And so it is with the nationwide spread of the Ferguson Effect. For those who [Read More]


Montana legislators pass bill to ban use of foreign laws in state courts, Democrats, naturally, opposed it

Via Breitbart Democrats in Montana have opposed a bill banning the use of foreign law in its state courts on the grounds that such legislation would target Muslims. Senate Bill 97, introduced by Keith Regier (R-Kalispell) bans the application of foreign law in Montana’s courts, with the debate particularly focused on Sharia [Read More]

Guns & 2nd Amendment

Blaming a homeowner for defending his life?

A man used his AR-15 to shoot and kill three armed home invaders in Oklahoma. The grandfather of one of those who armed themselves with a knife and brass knuckles says there was “no need” for him to use deadly force. The law, and reality, disagree The grandfather of Jacob [Read More]


Alicia Keyes, beautiful, talented, and incredibly foolish

Egalitarianism is the height of foolishness. Pam Geller gives us an example. Singer Alicia Keyes dove head first into the pool of diversity obsession with this Geller responded by trying to educate Keyes about radical Islam and “diversity” Hollywood stars and entertainment blockheads continue to flout their stupidity and useful [Read More]

Charles II of Spain Madness Intellectual Incest

Academia, where intellectual incest and madness walk hand-in-hand

American colleges have increasingly gone mad. It’s from intellectual incest in institutions that hire only people who reinforce their own views. If you’re a European history major, you know about sanctioned incest within the royal families of Europe. Since theirs was a small community, they repeatedly married cousins, until a very [Read More]


Washington Post: This Tillerson Is A Madman!

By: Mike McDaniel    The Washington Post, The Associated Press, The New York Times, are examples of former news organizations that have, in the last year or so, turned into wholly own propaganda subsidiaries of the Democrat Party, dedicated entirely to doing whatever is necessary to destroy the Trump Administration. Thus [Read More]