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Wishing you a musical Happy New Year

As I age, my only regret is that I can’t celebrate my truly happy New Year with my long-gone parents — but I can share it with you. Happy New Year! Perhaps because I’m getting older, or perhaps because 2019 was a year of change and 2020 will be a [Read More]

Bernie Sanders by Matt Johnson Medicare for All
Guns & 2nd Amendment

Bernie’s embrace of gun control endangers American liberty

With Bernie rising in the polls, getting closer to controlling our government, note how he has started to demand dangerous, anti-liberty gun control. The website I Like Bernie, But… seeks to address concerns that voters might have about Bernie Sanders, and to assure them that his plans work, that he’s electable, and [Read More]

Jews Self Defense Anti-Semitism
Race Relations

Hanukkah attack shows Jews must learn self-defense

The Hanukkah attack didn’t arise in a vacuum: World politics and history reminds us that Jews cannot look to others for help but must defend themselves. Ever since World War II, the mantra has been “Never Again.” I hope you notice how carefully wrote that sentence in passive voice, something [Read More]

Bernie Sanders by Matt Johnson Medicare for All

Things people need to know now that Bernie is rising

With Bernie Sanders once again a serious contender, it’s time to revisit my posts from 2016, which take a serious look at his dangerous proposed policies. Back in 2016, I found very disturbing the fact that my children’s friends were wildly enthused about Bernie Sanders. I certainly understood their innate [Read More]

Trump Western Wall

Donald Trump: Worst anti-Semitic president ever

An orthodox Jewish man sparked a meme when he had Siri confirm, after the Dems’ impeachment vote, that Trump is still president — to resounding cheers. All evidence to the contrary, the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself), loudly insist that Trump is an anti-Semite. But he has [Read More]

Social Issues

An addendum to my previous post about the “transgender” movement

Candace Owens’ excellent interview with Walt Heyer, reminded me of a few points to add about the evil that is the modern “transgender” movement. Yesterday I put up a post about the so-called transgender movement, which I consider one of the great evils being visited on America today. It’s long, [Read More]

Jenner Femme Transgender SBBDD
Social Issues

J.K. Rowlings’ fallout with the so-called transgender movement is instructive

The transgender movement highlights everything that’s wrong with the Left, for Leftists seek societal control un-anchored to reason, science, or sanity. You may have heard that J. K. Rowling recently got called out by the transgender movement for daring to say that men are not women. To her credit, Rowling [Read More]

Impeachment Trump
Donald Trump

NYT: Impeachment rightfully gives losers tyranny over winners

At the NYT, hard Leftist Michelle Goldberg explains that impeachment offsets the tyranny of the Electoral College, giving losers their rightful victory. You’ve probably had your fill about impeachment. You’ve read the articles about its being a kabuki farce, about Pelosi’s unconstitutional quid pro quo demands on the Senate, about [Read More]

Impeachment Coastal Democrats
Donald Trump

Impeachment and the Democrats’ deadly malaise

Faux impeachment proceedings aren’t going to help the Democrat Party faithful’s deadly lack of enthusiasm; they’re paralyzed by their own ineffectiveness. A Democratic Malaise A few days ago, I noticed that my real-me Facebook page has been peculiarly silent about Ukraine and the impeachment. This silence interested me. Because I [Read More]

Syria Coup Trump Immigration Racist Overton window
Donald Trump

Even if Trump is as bad as the NeverTrumpers say, I’d still vote for him

Even accepting the NeverTrumper’s claim that Trump is corrupt and bad, if you look at core political principles, he comes out far ahead of the opposition. One of my very dear friends, a lifelong conservative, has turned into a NeverTrumper. He loathes Trump, to the point at which he wishes [Read More]


What The UK Elections Really Means…And Why

The votes are in and the UK seems to finally have a new lease on life. Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party have a landslide victory in yesterday’s UK election. Bojo’s gamble has paid off wonderfully.Since Bojo took his canine friend into the voting booth with him, I hope whomever [Read More]

Comey Trump Horowitz Report

Horowitz Report: The Biggest Takeaway is that However The Hoax Began, It Ended As An Attempted Coup

By Wolf Howling The Horowitz Report is stunning, not for the IG’s anodyne conclusions, but for the facts he has uncovered:  By far the most important is that the investigation continued after January 2017, when the wheels fell off the Steele Dossier.  The FBI’s choices to lie and double down [Read More]