Life Happens

Resistance (Weight) Training for Beginners

I thought about calling this “Resistance Training for Dummies”, but my Mama didn’t raise no dummies, and knowing my readership, yours didn’t either! But you may not have been exposed to any formal weight training, and while you’re “sheltering in place”, this could be your introduction to getting started. Resistance [Read More]

Donald Trump

Hate Israel? Read this

Think that Israel is strictly a parasite on the American taxpayer? Think we shouldn’t help Israel or be its ally? Hate Israel? Read this. Lots of people, mostly Democrats have no love lost for Israel and attack it every chance they get. They spout the fable that Israel does nothing [Read More]

Life Happens

Coronavirus panic makes no sense so I’ve got a few theories

I spend a large amount of time reading about coronavirus and the reactions to it. On the available data, so much doesn’t make sense, but I have theories. The question I’m hearing more often from neighbors, Facebook friends, email messages, etc., is why we’re going more crazy about coronavirus than [Read More]


Healthcare in China is bad and China is dirty

Not only did Trump act swiftly and appropriately to address coronavirus, our culture of cleanliness and market-based medicine gives us a big edge over China. Let me preface what I’m about to write by saying that, when I grew up in San Francisco, it’s the absolute truth to say that [Read More]