July 20, 2018

53% of Voters Consider Media Publishing White House Leaks an Act of Treason

The war on President Donald Trump, the charge of which is a compilation of endless White House leaks published by Communist media propagandists is backfiring.

Fifty-three percent (53%) of American voters agree that leaking classified information by the mainstream media aka establishment’s propaganda outlets colluding to intentionally sabotage the President puts the nation at risk and is an act of treason (30% disagree and 18% are undecided).


…But while 73% of Republicans consider the leaking of classified information which plagues the Trump administration as treasonous, only half as many Democrats (36%) feel that way now. Voters not affiliated with either major party agree by a 50% to 27% margin that the leaks are an act of treason.

Republicans are more likely to see treason now; Democrats are less likely to do so. Unaffilliateds are unchanged….

Partisan differences of opinion are even more obvious when voters are asked whether media outlets that release secret government information are providing a public service or hurting national security. A plurality (47%) of all voters continues to feel the media is hurting national securit[…]

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Most Americans believe that those in the media doing the leaking should be prosecuted and that intelligence officers who withhold information from POTUS should be punished and/or terminated.

The Progressive establishment from the fake news media outlets to intelligence to Obama holdovers and bureaucrats are out of touch with the rest of America.

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