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Norman Rockwell
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Bugs Bunny, WB

ARTICLE By Eric Manhey

An Acosta VICTORY?



We no longer have Government.  

Judiciary or Media–they are all one big TV episode of Entertainment Tonight.  

Under the heading of, “Ya gotta’ love it,” the oh-so-tough  repubs in the House are bringing Lynch and Comey to “Answer questions.”  Nice try, repub pimps. 

 These repubs are lame ducks, leaving Jan 1st.  Nobody cares what they hell they might do for these lame Thanksgiving and Chistmas diversionary productions. There will be very little opportunity to hold “hearings” 

 More smoke and mirrors to make the Sheeple think the repubs are actually doing something.

 SSDD: Same shit, different day.

 By the way, I have obtained a list of those questions for the “Closed door” sessions of the repubs “grilling” Lynch.

 Question #1:  “How do you take your coffee?”

 Question #2: “Is that with a glazed or creme filled doughnut?”

         Yep. No more Government….

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