Administrative state turns into Fifth Column in Trump presidency

Security Fifth Column Deep State

Government employees, worried about job security, have turned into a Fifth Column willing to destroy the government rather than risk a drained swamp. I probably should define my term before I go on, as “Fifth Column” is not as common a phrase as it once was. It’s origin goes back to the Spanish Civil War. General Emilio Mola, who fought for Franco’s Nationalist party, assured a journalist in 1936 that he had military superiority as he approached Madrid, not just because of the four columns of troops he commanded in the field, but because he had a “fifth column” (i.e., Quinta columna) of Nationalist supporters inside Madrid who would work to undermine the government from within.

Mola’s definition of his Fifth Column perfectly defines what we’re seeing play out America’s Progressives, with active help from the Obama administration and post-presidency organizations he established, work from within the government to destroy the Trump presidency. I’ve assembled a sizable collection of articles on the topic and will share with you the money quotes from each.

Adam Kredo might have been the first one to get the information showing that the dots, when connected, point not to Flynn but to the Deep State:

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