Agitator and Agitprop in Chief

Today’s article is a very difficult one to write. As a rule I do not write about subjects that could inadvertently promote one of the weekly contest submissions over any other. This is my dilemma. So much is happening this week that I find my passion spread over every topic submitted.

One thing is certain however, each topic in the list of submissions essentially has two things in common, Barack Obama, and a corrupt media. One that needs oversight and the other failing to provide that oversight and insight necessary to adequately educate the people they seek to inform influence.

Regardless of the topic you will usually find that Barack Obama is at the root of the problem, not as some sort of problem solver but as an antagonist or an agitprop (whatever it takes to get the agenda accomplished). Whether it is the Obama administration’s missteps on Iran by failing to support democracy and liberty over tyranny and oppression, the illegal firing and subsequent smear campaign against former AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin or the further degeneration of the mainstream media as ABC teams up with the White House to promote the Democrats plan to get their hands on the Health Care industry and all the dollars that go with it, Barack Obama is a central figure in each of these problems.

So today I leave you with the following submissions that further expand on these and other topics that are near and dear to each and every citizen that is underneath the ever reaching hand of Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

Main Image found at Rush Limbaugh
Update: This article has been updated to fix some typos and correct an invalid link.