Al Jazeera Children’s TV On Your Dial With A Smile

Crossposted At Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts by The Political Commentator

The Al Jazeera Children’s Channel is coming to a neighborhood near you?

That’s the current plan! Sometime in 2012 Al Jazeera hopes to launch an English-Language children’s channel to penetrate this vast market in North America (H/T BNI).

For the liberals (very much including Jews) and the intellectual elites who considered it a must to get Obama into the White House, it will no doubt be considered chic and progressive to have their children watch the AJCC.

My advice would be to watch it along with them.

For the cynics out there who believe that there may be an ulterior motive for the producers beyond pure entertainment, one has to wonder what subliminal message the programming will be trying to send.

Watch these two videos.

The first video might actually be something that would air on AJCC, aimed at the older children’s demographic. It shows life in Gaza with a message of a society just trying to live their daily lives peacefully and happy, interrupted periodically by bombings that originate from _______. Fill in the blank. Subliminal message?

The second video, more direct, is not something you will likely see on Al Jazeera Children’s Television but in this clip there is no mistaking the message.

One subtle, one direct with the same basic message! It is Israel and the Jews who are the enemy.