America, Learn from Rwanda and Jamaica – the Price of the Loss of Privacy

The primary reason to result national id cards is the world has become one huge police state. On a national basis, national id cards, many biometric violate the person, our liberties stripping powers from the individual and placing it in dominion of the government, local, state, federal and some day global if Americans are not vigilant.

National ids have enabled some of history’s most horrific acts to occur. Only a fool would say, “that could never happen here.”


What is Common Core

National I.D. cards in Rwanda, like the one above, (see cost hundreds of thousands of innocent people to lose their lives in 1994, since certain tribal affiliation was cause for slaughter by the Rwandan government, and the government had access to all that ID information.

This week, in Jamaica, the big news is rollout of a mandatory, national ID card. This ID system, hastily and without vetting, became law, despite concerns, protests and a 60,000 signature petition.

Today in the United States Congress, there are bills poised to create a system of national identification of individuals, being promoted by Republicans and Democrats. I have listed them in bullet point form at the bottom of this article.

See what is happening in Jamaica, where national I.D. cards are suddenly now mandatory for all. Below, watch this current-event (video). A Jamaican student, Daniel Thomas, gets shouted at by his prime minister, after politely asking Prime Minister Holness to consider the 60,000 signatories of the petition against the ID, and to consider waiting for three months, to allow for discussion of both the pros and cons of having a national I.D. card, rather than to force the decision so quickly and without “ventilation”.

At minute 6:55, the Prime Minister says, “You know what I reject? Do you know what I reject? I reject the view that somehow you have a higher moral authority on this matter than I do. I am not here to create— and I make that point very clear– I am not here to create the system that is going to deprive Jamaicans of their freedom. And ..”

Student Daniel Thomas breaks in: “But the bill does.”

He gets ignored and the prime minister goes on, “I am not hiding from consultation. I am here facing the questions and answering them… And I will go to every church in Jamaica, I will go to every room, every house, and I will answer them. Because I am not trying to take away anybody’s rights. And I find that this discussion is disingenuous, unfair, and untruthful. And I will tell you, Jamaica, that I am not going to hide from this”[…]

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I urge you to finish reading the above article. What comes next is predictable and worth notice. I am curious to hear from my Jamaican neighbors living here in the United States on the subject of national ids in their homeland.

Straw Man Argument for National IDs

The rationale as is being applied by Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Michael Holness to shove national ids down the throats of Jamaicans sounds very much like Barack Obama’s, “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.”

“…the new National Identification System (NIDS) is important to the Government’s thrust to combat corruption.

Prime Minister Holness says anti-corruption efforts require a process that establishes, verifies and certifies identity.

He says having several different databases of identity without the ability to crossmatch, do not enhance transparency…the absence of a uniform system of identification enables corrupt persons to escape accountability if they cannot be identified. The prime minister says this is the reason why it is necessary for Jamaica to establish NIDS….

Source: NIDS important in fight against corruption – PM (The Jamaica Gleaner, 11/14/2017)

Jamaica’s government will expand by creating a new agency to oversee the ids, i.e., the National Identification and Registration Authority to oversee national ids.

Using corruption, fraud, crime and accountability as the straw men to justify national ids, not just in Jamaica but in any nation does not hold water.

Here in the United States, the use of national ids have stemmed nothing. In fact, corruption, crime, fraud and identity theft continues to rise unabated since the creation of ids. I might add that in spite of the “so-called protections” (where?) in the USA, that fraud, identity theft and similar crimes are on the rise.

National Ids serve no one except those governing authorities seeking dominion over the populace.

Thus, there is no greater deception than a nation’s leader insisting that what he or she is advocating for (not) but pushing through anyway (yes) is for the “greater good.” “Greater good” being a dog whistle which does not benefit the individual but provides further empowerment over individuals by governing and policing entities.

The targeting of Americans that have occurred under the Obama administration by government agencies, the present deep state’s war on a sitting President that precludes Donald Trump entering the White House provides insight into the threats posed by national and biometric ids.

Data acquired, stored and the ability to wield this information as a weapon against any citizen, let alone a sitting president during his campaign, his family and those connected to the Trump presidential campaign by the swamp, it’s policemen aka an unhinged deep state that sees itself as above the law should frighten every American. Why help them along with national and biometric ids, the endgame of which is a global id, control of thought, speech, behavior…PRIVACY.

None of the above would do the country, let alone the world one bit of good.

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