Did the Amish hand Pennsylvania to Trump, guaranteeing victory? *HOAX*

This purports to be an AP story, yet I don’t see it gaining traction. If true, though, that the Amish are handing Pennsylvania to Trump, it’s a “yuge” story:

History was made today in Columbus, Ohio when more than 3 million Amish poured into the city to see the American Amish Brotherhood (AAB), an organization which acts as an informal governing body for the Amish community, endorse Donald Trump for president. That number represents a significant portion of the total Amish population, which the United States Census Bureau says numbers more than 20 million men and women nationwide all pledging their vote to Trump for President. With the full force of the Amish community behind him, Donald Trump is now mathematically guaranteed to win the presidency in November.

Is this a hoax? Is it not really AP? Is no one noticing? What’s the story about this story?

UPDATE: Darn! It’s a hoax.

Photo by Ted Van Pelt

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