Ann Coulter Forced To Cancel Speech At Berkeley – And How We Fight back

Ann Coulter was forced to cancel her speech at UC Berkeley after the city of Berkeley’s Police Department told her they could not (read, would not) guarantee her safety. That should be no surprise, since they essentially followed orders from the mayor and police chief to stand down and allowed radical antifa and black prog-facist terrorists to freely assault and seroiusly injure people whose only crime was to be in line to hear Milo Yiannopoulos speak. Not to mention the over $100,000 in damages to private property they were allowed to act out and commit before the police finally got the OK to quash the carnage.

The university made a show in the beginning of permitting Ann Coulter to speak, but there were so many additional fees and numerous conditions they insisted on designed to limit access and reduce turnout for the event that it was obvious they were attempt in to quash it. Needless to say,no radical Leftist (and Berkeley has had a number of those creeps speakers there) has ever been subject toanything like these special fees and conditions. When that didn’t work, they simply banned her because of course, they weren’t going to have the campus police protect her.

So in the end University officials sent the Berkeley College Republicans, who were hosting the event a letter Tuesday, saying that in their wisdom, they had determined it was just too much of a security risk to allow here to speak.

“We have been unable to find a safe and suitable venue,” said the letter from Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy (what a perfectly surnamed official) and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Stephen Sutton. Especially when you’d much rather avoid having someone speak whom might challenge what’s being poured into the lil’ snowflake’s heads (horrors, they might learn something!!) and anger the mob.

For a while Ann Coulter toyed with the idea of speaking in public at Sproul Plaza, where Mario Savio started the original free speech movement and which is open to the public. After which the powers that be in Berkeley who are responsible for law enforcement let her know that they weren’t going to do much to protect her either.

You can’t really blame the Berkeley Police. Like most cops, I’m sure they are admirable people who take their jobs seriously, a job most of us wouldn’t do for any money. But they are also human beings with pensions to protect, bills to pay and families to support. When the word comes from upstairs to knuckle under and not get in the way of some of the Lefty brown shirts beating up on people who came to hear the latest subject of the Two Minute Hate commit thought crimes,  they going to obey.

So, the Young America’s Foundation decided it was too risky to participate,the Berkeley College Republicans are suing the university and Ann Coulter is staying home.

And the powers that be in Berkeley? The college administrators are undoubtedly getting a few fist bumps and atta boys in the faculty room. And Jesse Arreguin, the mayor, who has deep ties with the Antifa group By Any Means Necessary and publicly supports them is enjoying another win. After all, why do you think he was elected mayor of a place like Berkeley in the first place if not to suppress thought crimes in Lenin’s Little Acre?

He’s not facing re-election until 2020, and anyone who participated in Black Lives Matter protests and the Occupy Movement. and called – officially – for the impeachment of President Trump is not worried about his job or reputation when it comes to anyone he thinks counts. Shooting down someone like Ann Coulter is just another talking point he canuse when he runs for re-election.

So if you’re expecting any remorse or even mild embarrassment over this blatant display, forget about it.

With increasingly rare exceptions, the Left feels the same way about free speech as they do about democracy in general. They only approve of it when it applies to them and works for The Cause. They are totalitarian to the core, and Berkeley is a yet another superb example of what happens when they actually have power and hold all the cards.

Milo was making some noise earlier today about invading Berkeley with what he called ‘a free speech army’ in the future. As far as I’m concerned, that is a uniquely futile gesture. What it would do, unless it happens earlier is to simply become the occasion when someone who merely wants to exercise freedom of speech gets murdered by the Left’s brownshirts. And when that happens, you’re going to see people defend themselves. Which is exactly how brownshirt street thug Horst Wessel became a ‘martyr’ and got famous. He simply tried to beat up on the wrong person and a virtual civil war erupted. And those of you saying ‘bring it on’ might perhaps have noticed that Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the rest of the Left’s violent cadres only really operate in areas where they know they’re going to be protected by the local authorities; university campuses like Berkeley and Blue fifedoms like coastal California. So don’t expect justice when it comes to defending yourselves.Or count on the police to protect you.

A better way to fight this? Sure there is. What tactics work?

  • Lawfare: There’s no question that the City of Berkeley and UCSB are guilty of violating the civil rights of the people who were beaten up while police stood by. Or that Ann Coulter’s civil and Constitutional rights were violated  as well as those whom wished to hear her speak…just read the First Amendment. There is also a clear claim based on unequal treatment, since she and the College Republicans were subjected to fees and regulations Lefty speakers weren’t. Second wave feminists cut a path on that one.The Berkeley PD can also probably be sued for negligence by those whom were injured. Sue the bastards and make them pay through the nose. And remember, Judge shopping works two ways.
  • Boycotting: Berkeley is a public university and receives public funds. But it also receives money from alumni and from the proceeds of its sports event as well as merchandising. Don’t go to Berkeley sporting events. Don’t attend concerts or exhibits at the university’s facilities.If any TV or radio shows carry their games, don’t watch or listen and write the companies that sponsor the games  that you don’t patronize companies that aid and abet such fascism. Don’t buy their tee shirts, mugs or other garbage.  Picket and disrupt any speakers from Berkeley who do events in Red States. Make it expensive security wise for universities to invite them. And one way of disrupting them is to ask them how they can continue to represent such a fascist institution.
  • Ridicule, shame  and target Berkeley’s prog-fascist view point as socially unacceptable at every opportunity: Remember back in the old days of the fledgling  civil rights or women’s lib movement? Remember how you and perhaps other people responded to remarks and ‘jokes’ that were racist or misogynist, with a nasty look and a remark to the effect that you didn’t find that funny but offensive? Make Berkeley’s prog-fascist attitudes just as socially unacceptable when you run across them. In public. Make ‘Berserkeley’ a figure of ridicule.
  • And yes,  be aware at anytime that you might just have to physically defend yourself and conduct yourself accordingly: Bullies like the antifa crowd are usually physical cowards who hide their faces and only attack in mobs where they can get away with it. Faced with opposition, especially in areas the Left doesn’t control,they can be beaten badly at their own game.

Rob Miller

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com and other publications.