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Yesterday, 20 April, 2018 thousands of high school students walked out of class to commemorate the mass school shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999. What students yesterday didn’t know is that April 20 is also Adolf Hitler’s birthday or that Harris and Klebold were celebrating it. It’s all part of an April augury, April 19 being the date of the Waco massacre in 1993, followed by the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, because of it. Then, April 22 is the birthday of Lenin, the founder of the USSR, which the United States reverently remembers as Earth Day, (one of the biggest scams in American history) the Soviets announcing their messiah at the same time the American Left and environmental movement memorialized theirs.

We may come to remember this April 20 as Wart Hogg Day (since Ground- has been taken), not because Li’l David inspired it, but because this event flopped as all his other promotions have. For while thousands of students did walk out, they were all in blue cities, and almost as many parents were against it as were for it. In Chicago some schools coerced (ordered) students out, and a lawsuit has been filed even. We even found out that the governor of New York says his ancestors snuck into the United States illegally while nothing of the sort happened. The only thing fakier than Democrat spontaneity is their insincere metoo-ism.

In my own Richmond, the Democratic city political establishment made a big too-doo about Hogg-Day 2-3 days in advance, police announcing a close down to traffic and parking around the rally point down on the river, a popular tourist area and parking area for government workers. City fathers were all over the radio, touting the event. An estimated crowd in excess of 10,000 was expected to gather there, then rally, then march up a hill several blocks to the capitol, and then rally again. There was supposed to be a festive, almost carnival  atmosphere, a vendor’s delight.

But come show time more like 200, (some say three) showed up, a few slogans were sloganed, with bullhorns possibly, although a whisper would have worked just as well. I assume they still marched up the hill to be greeted by the new governor (his first go at being hogg-suckered), with at least 200o disgruntled employees behind him who had to walk an extra mile to get to work.

Oh, on a political note, the weekend before there was staged at exactly the same place down by the river, a Pro-Gun rally for the 2nd Amendment, only city police took no special precautions or detailed extra men for crowd control. Traffic and business in other parts of the city were not affected.

And reliable sources tell us that the size of the attendees were nearly double yesterday’s Hogg-feeding. I know this because the  3 PM talk-show host told all of Richmond.

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