July 23, 2018

[VIDEO] Ashley Judd inadvertently indicts the Obama presidency

Ashley Judd

I’d read about Ashley Judd having recited to the vulgar women assembled before her in a poem that Nina Donovan, a 19-year-old from Tennessee had written. I’d also read that the poem was exceedingly vulgar and went low, very low, in its attacks on Donald Trump, even to the point of suggesting incest. What I hadn’t done until today was listen to Judd’s recitation. It was eye-opening and that’s not just because Ashley Judd is over-the-top awful in her dramatic performance.

What struck me so forcibly was that, aside from the pro forma insults to Trump, we were listening to a 19-year-old girl describe the only world she’s really ever known — the world of the Obama presidency. After all, he took office when she was only ten or eleven. This is Obama’s world:

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