Asia Bibi – The Real Racism In Migration Policy

Asia Bibi is a Pakistani Christian and a mother of five. One day, she had the audacity to drink from the same water source as the Muslim fieldworkers, who claimed it made the water ‘unclean.’ They began harassing her and demanding she convert to Islam.

When she refused, They reported her to the village imam, Qari Muhammad Salaam. Over the mosque loudspeakers, he said she had committed blasphemy.

That was all it took for a rabid mob to drag her to a sharia court  with a leather noose around her neck. The court demanded that she convert, and beat her with sticks and sandals when she again refused. After that, they handed her over to the authorities, who laid formal charges against her in a court. That  court gave Asia Bibi a sentence of death by hanging after a 30-minute hearing.

She  served eight years on death row in solitary confinement before her conviction was finally overturned by a Supreme Court appeal. That meant nothing. Hysterical vigilante mobs rioted and searched for her. If the court wouldn’t do it, they were ready to hang her.

And to murder her supporters. Punjab governor Salman Taseer and Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti were both assassinated.

The government of Inram Khan, which governs with its coalition partner the Islamist Tehreek-e-Labbaik political party finally caved. They would simply refuse to let Asia Bibi and her family leave Pakistan until the Pakistani Supreme court ‘re-examined’ her acquittal. That essentially means a death sentence. And every day she and her family stay in Pakistan increases the chance she’ll be murdered.

So where did Asia Bibi, a Christian, ask first for asylum? The UK, a country that has taken in thousands of Pakistani Muslims, some of whom have committed hideous crimes and terrorist attacks.

And British PM Theresa Turned her down. And the reason? Her advisors told her it would cause ‘tension’ among the UK’s Muslim population.

That’s what Britain’s leadership is all about these days.Sheer cowardice.

Happily, Australia has offered Asia Bibi asylum – provided she’s ever allowed to leave Pakistan alive.

(Photo credit for above photo: ASIF HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images)

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