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Why Isn’t Israel Afraid of Iran?

Link to Iranian Air Force Commander Statement. I’ve followed Israel since the 1970s and visited there recently. While I wouldn’t say Israel isn’t afraid of Iran (you’ll get a lot of variance in attitudes among 8.7 million people, even in their government), I think they take the threat seriously and [Read More]

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Is the best thing that could possibly happen the US right now, aside from a vaccine becoming available against C19, is for Trump to lose the election, so that the nation can heal, get back to decency, and bring people together after the great divide?

Were we divided prior to Trump’s election in 2016? The chart below shows presidential favorability percentages from Eisenhower through Obama. The source is a Pew Research article from January 2017 before Trump took office. The higher the bottom number, the less division. Note that prior to the Clinton era, the [Read More]

Non Sequitur

Why did Carthage refuse to support Hannibal when he was so close to conquering Rome?

Good question. Unfortunately it’s a difficult one to answer because we have little information from the Carthaginians themselves. Nearly everything we know about them comes from Greek and Roman sources. Those provide a view from the outside, and a biased one a that. TLDR: The Carthaginians didn’t view the Romans [Read More]

WORLD SOCIALIST FLAG, By Bullmose 1912, DeviantArt.Com

Google-owned Quora: It’s Rude Not to Laugh at Dead Conservative Opponents

Evidently some liberal decided to take offense at the post below. The question: Is it karma or Irony that John McDaniel, a vocal protester against the Governor of Ohio’s shutdown orders, has recently died of COVID-19? One wonders if it’s okay for conservatives to mock women who die during abortions, [Read More]


Revisionist History Is Alive and Well on Social Media: Japan as Victim

Scott Kerwin, writing at Quora, takes on a common revisionist theme – that the US was responsible for the war with Japan, and ultimately the atomic bombings were war crimes perpetrated against an innocent people. This question garnered over 20k views, 3 shares and over 400 upvotes before Quora took [Read More]

Guns & 2nd Amendment

African-Americans and the Second Amendment

Scott Kerwin, writing at Quora, takes on the belief common on the Left that the African-American community supports gun control because they suffer from a disproportionate level of violence. But Kerwin points out that this same community also suffers a disproportionate level of state-sanctioned violence – racist actions by the [Read More]


On Cultural Appropriation: How Appropriation is Characteristic of Culture

Scott Kerwin writing at Quora answers the question, “Why do people not like cultural appropriation?” You may be too young to remember, but are you familiar with the Japanese PS2 game Katamari Damacy? If it wasn’t designed by the Japanese I’d say it was designed by two surfers tripping acid. [Read More]

Race Relations

Guilty of Being White

Olzhas Yessenbayev isn’t white but gives an interesting defense for those who are when addressing the question, “What sucks about being white?” at Quora, a Google company. Olzhas writes: Quick disclaimer here: I am not White. I am not European. I am Asian, and I come from such a part [Read More]

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I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of My Freedom

Murphy Barrett confronts a question at Quora, “Do Americans have any idea their patriotism might be exaggerated from the point of view of foreigners?” His answer has been viewed over 40,000 times and has been upvoted almost 3,000 times. Read it here in it’s entirety.  Do Americans have any idea [Read More]


Why is the Right Wing So Anti-Intellectual?

Ashley Lande, writing at Quora, rises to the challenge to take on this common misconception about the Right. Here’s her answer, taken from Quora, a Google company. Let me ask you a question. Do you have one of those areas of experience you’re knowledgeable in because you’ve known it since [Read More]

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The Council Has Spoken!

Public Sector Uselessness

Still on the road. Wanted to get the votes up however. Congratulations to First place council winner – Wolf Howling – with the winning council entry: Public Sector Unions: A Toxin, A Crisis & An Opportunity On the non-council side is a submission by Chicago Boyz with the winning article [Read More]