Invasion Force USA Bound.


Growing Invasion Force USA Overwhelms Mexican Authorities – Approximately 10,000 Now Traveling through Mexico to U.S. Southern Border Estimates as to the number of economic migrants varies between 7,000 to 10,000 and the numbers are growing fast ARTICLE BY INFOWARS The Last Refuge – October 22, 2018 Despite media claims [Read More]


The Nexus Between Open Borders (Via Dem Socialists) & The Entry of Jihadi Terrorists – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The Nexus Between Open Borders (Via Dem Socialists) & The Entry of Jihadi Terrorists – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki Posted on October 21, 2018   EVERY time power brokers within the Democratic (in reality, Socialist) Party wail and scream about the “cruelty” of their Republican counterparts for wanting to seal the [Read More]

Obama THROWS “SECRET” Muslim Gang Sign At Fellow Muslims Conclave: “I AM ONE WITH ALLAH!” —Once In, Never Out.

BUSH SAUDI OBAMA AXIS OF POWER – While we were watching the right hand here’s what the left hand was doing: Bush/Saudi/Obama Axis Hid Bin Laden In Iran

BUSH SAUDIA OBAMA AXIS OF POWER U.S. Hid Osama bin Laden in Iran for Decade After 9/11; Bush & Obama White Houses Worked Saudi & Iranian Deal to Safeguard Terror Leader Article By: admin, Osama bin Laden, the founder, and leader of terrorism conglomerate al-Qaeda, who was responsible for [Read More]

Zuckerface Book

Facebook Deletes Disabled ***TRIPLE-AMPUTEE*** Veteran’s Page Without Warning — After Taking $300,000 for Ads

Facebook Deletes Disabled Veteran’s Page Without Warning — After Taking $300,000 for Ads Facebook blacklisted the conservative news page run by disabled Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage with no warning or explanation — after he reportedly spent more than $300,000 on Facebook advertising. 16 Oct 2018 Brian Kolfage   ARTICLE [Read More]

Michael Savage, conservative Talkshow King -

Michael Savage: Antifa Occupy “Are the Brownshirts” of the “Democrat Party.”

Michael Savage: Antifa Occupy ‘Are the Brownshirts’ of the ‘Democrat Party’ 16 Oct 2018 ARTICLE BY Robert Kraychik, AT BREITBART.COM Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Savage reflected on recent violent events committed by left-wing activists in Portland, OR. “What happened over the weekend in Portland with the Antifa violence — a domestic terrorist [Read More]

Magician and Beautiful Diversions -

Distractions Of The Left

Distractions Of The Left…. I don’t see why I—as a concerned freedom-writer—should respond to every little lying shriek and whimper out of the leftwing, “progressive,” liberal democrats. I mean—it has become so bizarre and insane-sounding among them that it seems pointless to try and keep up. Once upon a time, [Read More]

“Won’t you be my neighbor?”

Sharia Law – Google Translator censors obscene insult of Muhammad, allows it for Jesus

Sharia Law Jihad Watch reader C. Nicholson sent me this interesting message about Google’s automated Google Translate feature. Pardon the language, and the insulting phrases. I don’t condone this kind of speech regarding anyone, but there is an important principle revealed here: more Sharia-adherence from Google. By Robert Spencer Message: [Read More]

Beloved President Obama, with his signature grin. A third term in the offing?

The Left’s Dark Turn

The Left’s Dark Turn By Jack Cashill, This Article Appeared First In In October 1991, future Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano ushered in a bold new era in American political history. At the time a Democratic activist and an attorney in private practice, Napolitano was, for no good [Read More]