American Workforce Shrinks While Foreign Workforce Increases

The decimation of the American workforce may go down in history as Barack Obama’s greatest act of treason. As the American middle class continues to shrink, the number of foreign workers taking their jobs are on the rise courtesy of Barack Obama, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, establishment collaborators [Read More]

Media Bias

Huffington Post Deletes Post Telling Young Women to Cover Up at Football Games

The Huffington Post this morning deleted an post written by contributor Rebecca Walden entitled, “Young ladies of the SEC, cover it up!” in which Walden admonished SEC’s female college students for their choice of wearing apparel, rather lack thereof during last week’s Alabama-USC game at AT&T Stadium. [Score No. 1 [Read More]

Weasel Watching

Obama “el narcisista” Refers to Himself 171 Times at Townhall in Laos; Trashes USA 18.

“Me, myself and I” according to the world of one malignant narcissist, Barack Hussein Obama. As usual, when Barack Obama takes charge of the bully pulpit, it’s all about Barack as was the case when the malignant narcissist had the floor last week at a town hall in Laos wherein [Read More]

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Faces Backlash After Labeling Half of Trump Supporters “Basket of Deplorables”

Hillary Clinton’s contempt for American voters was on full display yesterday when during an LGBT “focused” Fundraiser in New York City hosted by Barbara Streisand, the Crooked One attacked Donald Trump’s supporters labeling them a “basket of deplorables.” Desperate to please attendees who spent anywhere from $1,200, for limited availability, [Read More]

Social Issues

NYC: J’Ouvert, West Indian Parade Violence leaves 2 Dead, 5 Wounded.

It’s that time of the year again when nearly a million revelers from across the globe converge upon Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York for the annual Labor Day parade, correction West Indian Day Parade and J’Ouvert Festival. Recognized for its costumes, colors, food, revelry and display of Caribbean flags everywhere, [Read More]


Rest in Peace – Phyllis Schlafly

Conservative leader, heroine Phyllis Schlafly, passed away Monday afternoon at the age of 92. Having gained national prominence in 1964 with her self-published book, “A Choice Not an Echo[i],” Schlafly, an American icon, firebrand and staunch pro-family/pro-life advocate stood her ground taking on Liberalism and establishment leaders of both parties [Read More]


Obama Appoints Board to Restructure Puerto Rico’s Debt – the New Greece?

  Earlier this summer Puerto Rico which is $70 billion plus in debt defaulted (third default) on $779 million worth of general obligation bonds. The day before Barack Obama signed into legislation, Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Bill aka PROMESA (Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act) which will undoubtedly [Read More]


Obama’s Maneuver to Hijack November Elections

Because Donald Trump who in spite of efforts by NeverTrumpers, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and media collaborators, maintains the momentum to win the 2016 presidential election, Obama has conjured up a scheme to thwart the outcome of the November elections and future elections in the United States. {The rationale is [Read More]


NYC Pols Defend Nixing TLC English Proficiency and Written Exam for Prospective “Yellow Taxi Drivers”

If you have ever ridden in a New York City yellow cab, odds are that you’ve experienced a cultural and language barrier between yourself and a yellow cab driver, many of whom pretend not to know English until it’s time to collect the fare. If, like myself, you are an [Read More]


So why did Leonardo DiCaprio really ditch today’s Clinton fundraiser?

Hollywood elitist, one percenter Leonardo DiCaprio scheduled to host a Hillary Clinton fundraiser today at his home in Hollywood backed out at the last moment. The talking points are that the scheduled plans surrounding DiCaprio’s movie production, ‘Before the Flood,’ another climate change movie has changed preventing the climate change [Read More]


Bill’s latest lie: Clinton Foundation won’t take foreign donations if Hillary’s elected.

On Thursday, at a meeting with staffers, Bill Clinton announced that if Hillary Clinton is elected, the Clinton Foundation would no longer accept receive donations from foreign enemies entities, governments, corporate charities and domestic or foreign corporations, all of whom might will return later seeking favors from the Oval Office. [Read More]

Race Relations

Milwaukee on Fire

  Shortly after 23-year-old Sylville Smith was shot and killed by a Milwaukee, Wisconsin law enforcement officer last weekend and before facts surrounding the shooting surfaced, the city of Milwaukee went up in flames courtesy of Black Lives Matter leaders in Chicago, Illinois who used social media to incite riots. [Read More]


DNC Delegate Demands Chants of ‘USA’ Be Stopped Because “That’s a Trump Chant”

What if all of the love that Progressives pretending to show for the United States was part of the illusion correction the performances that we witnessed last week at the circus, ah hem Democratic National Convention? What if the chants of “USA!” “USA!” “USA!” was not for love of country [Read More]