Benito Hussein Obama

Fascist SymbolThe results are in and all are in agreement, the radical leftist that was elected in as our current President is exactly the sort of person we thought he was. Non-Council Winner and former Watcher’s Council Alum Big Lizards spells it out by putting Barrack Obama in the same category as Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, the former leader of the Italian National Fascist Party.

When one realizes that Mussolini started large construction and public works projects as a way to fight unemployment and combines that with the massive power grab that put almost all businesses under state control one can not help but compare the two.

Big Lizard’s hisses

So a contract is a contract — unless the president doesn’t like it, in which case he will be able to rewrite it (or void it) at will. When contracts between third parties stand only as long as the head of government allows them to stand, then there is no stability and no predictability: In short, there is no more rule of law, and capital pulls up stakes and moves to a sunnier clime. Then, of course, there will be a great many more “struggling institutions.”

Who decides which institutions are struggling? Perhaps that too will be decided by the same deciders: the Secretary of the Treasury, the president, and five out of the seven members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. If so, then the president can point to any corporation, family business, or not-for-profit organization, declare it to be “struggling,” and then take it over, rewriting contracts, compensation packages, benefit plans, retirement funds, and (one presumes) prices and wages.

At that point, there truly is no limit to the president’s power to personally dictate and direct the nation’s economy. We will no longer have a capitalist or even quasi-capitalist state but direct fascism, without even the liberal “smiley face” to adorn the invisible foot of government.

So what sort of dictator would Mr. Obama be?

In unveiling the regulatory plan this week, President Obama would signal to Europe that he intended to crack down on the risk-taking and other free-wheeling practices by the financial industry that resulted in the global economic meltdown.

On the council side we have The Provocateur. In nearly the same vein as Big Lizz our esteemed colleague passes on the advice of his grandfather who lived in Russia at the time that Josef Stalin ruled the communist country with an iron fist.

Traveling back in time to the good old days of murderous dictators from communist Russia’s past we find a horrifying similarity to the Obama administration where said leader took control of the economy by vilifying and imprisoning the successful and making the economy totally dependent on him. Kind of like and executive order.

Despite a lack of any real education, my grandfather built a very successful Soviet equivalent of a corner store. The store became so successful that it drew the attention of the Soviet leader at the time, Joseph Stalin. Stalin was attempting to revolutionize the economy into one totally dependent on him. As such, anyone successful on their own was someone that became a threat.

As such, Stalin sent in his henchman into my grandfather’s village and arrested him on the spot. Charges were trumped up and my grandfather spent the better part of the next two decades in a Soviet gulag. He eventually lost part of his leg and the success that he built was eventually destroyed.

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Sad. Americans have become too complacent, many mesmerized by an idea of sexy, thoughtful, masterful Barack Obama that is so far out of the realm of reality that they don’t see history repeating itself even though it is bearing down on them like a speeding train.

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