Bookworm Room 12/21/16 — the “don’t be afraid, it’s just Islam” edition

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Islam is in the news again, thanks to an ambassador’s death in Ankara and another truck jihad, this time in Berlin. I’ve got a few Islam-themed posts to share with you, all of which say that we should indeed be afraid, because it’s Islam.

Before I get to those posts, let me say that the Western fear of Islam is not tantamount to the German’s ginned up fear about Jews during the 1930s. Jews were peaceably living their lives throughout Europe, just as they had done for centuries. There were no terrorist attacks; there was no fiery rhetoric of conquest. There were antisemitic conspiracy theories that used invisible lines to connect imaginary dots.

With Islam the situation is different: Since 9/11, radical Muslims have been mobilized throughout the world. The Religion of Peace, which tracks murders committed explicitly in Islam’s name, says that there have been almost 30,000 of these Islamic-inspired attacks since 9/11. Please note, that number isn’t counting “deaths;” it’s counting “attacks.” Most of these attacks are aimed at creating mass deaths, whether in churches in Egypt, market stalls in Berlin, sidewalks and nightclubs in France, or quiet streets in Tel Aviv. Moreover, that number doesn’t even address ISIS’s depredations across increasingly larger swaths of the Middle East, nor does it look at what is essentially a raging Sunni-Shia war in Syria.

That we view Islam as dangerous is not the product of a fevered “Islamophobic” imagination; it is simply a matter of reading newspapers, noting the attacks, and noting how each is preceded by “Allahu Akbar,” and each is followed by a radical Islamist group (lately, ISIS), proudly taking responsibility for the death and bloodshed. With that in mind, here are some recent articles about the trouble with Islam.

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