The Bookworm Beat 10/23/16 — the #NeveryHillary edition and open thread

The despicable media and Trump’s message.  In an effort to keep people who identify themselves as #NeverTrump from turning their focus to Hillary, an action that instantly turns most people into #NeverHillary voters, the despicable media is currently ignoring entirely the substance of Trump’s important speech yesterday. As Roger Simon says, if Americans actually knew the promises Trump made and the policies he intends to pursue, they would vote for him by a huge majority:

That speech put forth some of the more intelligent and creative ideas to be before the American public in years.  These proposals, contained in what Trump calls his “Contract with the American Voter,” deserve to be heard and seriously debated in these last weeks before the election.

Undoubtedly the Newswoisie will do their best to squelch them, panicked that some innocent citizen might deign to compare Trump’s “Contract” to the unremitting banality and moral vacuousness (“please see my website”) of the Hillary Clinton campaign. But it is our duty — all of us — to expose this “Contract” to as many people as possible and give the American public a chance to consider it, even if their so-called “thought leaders” do their best to obscure it.

For those who believed the media when it said “Nothing to see here” lie and therefore missed what Trump said, here’s a Trump-Pence poster summarizing the gist of his speech:


As Simon predicted, the drive-by media has squelched Trump’s message, burying it under a tangential and irrelevant point:

Today Trump went to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and delivered a major, substantive speech, outlining what he proposes to do in the first 100 days of his administration. This is the kind of thing that must be kept secret–marked with a “c” perhaps–lest voters be reminded that they actually agree with the reviled Republican nominee. Let’s not take any chances!

How did the liberal press suppress information about Trump’s proposals? They buried the lede. This is how the Associated Press reported on Trump’s effort to shift the focus to the issues:


Read more about the perfidious media here.

The media’s tactic is working with the usual suspects (i.e., the Progressive friend who make up my real-me world). Looking to me like idiots, but thinking themselves very clever, they’ve peppered their Facebook pages with posts about Trump’s women problem, but don’t have a single post addressing (even to attack) his substantive points. I actually asked a group of Lefties on Facebook gloating about Trump’s stupidity if they weren’t troubled by the fact that the media buried the substance in favor of something like that — and was greeted with silence (a silence, I’m sure, that was smug not shame-faced.)

As part of its perfidy, the media is giving time to every two-bit liar who comes along claiming that Trump did something sexually wrong to her. (It’s like the “sexism” version of the “racism” stories in 2008 and 2012 that were used to destroy Obama’s opponents.) Real investigation, of the type the media refuses to do, has revealed that, as is true for the others, the most recent accuser is a hard-core Democrat activist. One of the new media outlets revealing this fact added a useful point:

Just like every other supposed Trump “fake rape” accuser, Karena Virginia is not a Republican, Independent, or even everyday Democrat, but someone tied to the Democratic Party, Clinton Foundation, Democrat donors, or, in this case, Big Pro-Hillary Media.

What are the chances of that?

Oh, and she “came out” about her “assault” at a press conference organized by left-wing feminist lawyer, Democrat fundraiser, and “hired killer” for Republican campaigns Gloria Allred, who attempted this same campaign-killing stunt with a fake accuser just last week.

What a coincidence!

Oh, and one more thing: The polls are almost certainly gamed to discourage Trump voters. If you doubt me, just watch this video that CNN instantly regretted and buried.

This fight is nowhere near over. Vote like your life depends upon it — because it probably does.

To read more, please go here.

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