Bookworm Beat 12/13/16/ — the Culture Wars edition

Culture wars transexuals

The Progressives’ resistance to Trump’s indubitable Electoral College victory is highlighting the culture wars that have riven America. They have spent the last eight years building an alternative American model:

  • Slavery is still the dominant cultural marker;
  • America’s law enforcement officers are on a binge spree of mass slaughtering blacks;
  • The rights of a microscopic subset of mentally ill people with sexual body dysmorphia must transcend both reality and civil rights for the rest of Americans;
  • Human biology is a fiction and people’s emotional feelings about their bodies are the only metrics that count;
  • America’s troops need less God and more transexuals in order to be a force that can properly defend America (while exposing themselves to greater risks to protect America’s enemies);
  • Women are perpetually on the verge of being reduced to a subordinate state comparable to that of women in ISIS territory;
  • Muslims are being rounded up and interned; the border must be opened completely with an abandonment of national sovereignty and identity lest Hispanics feel they are the objects of prejudice; and
  • America’s unremarkable weather patterns, along with a slight cooling trend, are indicative of apocalyptic anthropogenic global warming . . . er, climate change — as long as Progressive stalwarts in NOAA and academia can keep adjusting the temperature records. No wonder they’re in a blind panic now that half the country has come forward and said it’s time for a reality check.

Andrew Breitbart was right when he said politics is downstream from culture — especially to a Leftist to whom everything is political. This post assembles a variety of articles I’ve read in the past week, some of which seem more political than cultural, but all of which demonstrate the cultural war — the cultural civil war — currently ongoing in America. It’s one Progressives are determined to win, and we need to up our game if we don’t want to see Trump either prevented from taking office or driven from office without getting to do what Obama has done for the past eight years; namely, exercise the prerogatives of victory in a two-party system.

With the above in mind, here are some interesting items from the front lines of America’s culture wars. I’ll start with a cartoon someone sent me as I was writing the above:

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