Bookworm Beat 12/22/16 — the random news edition

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This is a random news edition because I’ve spent the day doing such scintillating things as cleaning the kitchen (including behind the refrigerator) to quell an ant infestation and spraying clothes with Pemethrin to prepare for an upcoming trip to some malarial hot spots. Throughout the course of the day, whenever I had a minute, I grabbed random, but interesting links I found on Facebook, through my favorite blogs and, always my best source, from friends who email me. Because I’m heading out soon for Cirque du Soliel, brevity will be the name of the game.

How to handle rape. In America, we’re told that telling women actions they can take to defend against rape is a no-no because it constitutes “blaming the victim.” Instead, men should be taught not to rape. In Austria, which is yet another European country overrun by non-white, non-Christian (or Jewish or Hindu or . . . ) men who come from a decided rape culture, it’s all up to the women to protect themselves.

How to deal with terrorism. Writing at The Atlantic, Uri Friedman looks at the frighteningly simple truck attack in Berlin and concludes that there are only three ways to deal with terrorism on European soil: secure public spaces, expand government surveillance, or learn to live with it. He seems to have forgotten a fourth approach: Expel all the recently admitted refugees. And then expel all known trouble makers. And then break down the ghettos in which the remaining Islamic communities incubate fanaticism.

Progressives say their massive freakout is warranted. Even Progressives are realizing that their complete meltdown is out of the ordinary. But the LA Times is there to assure us that Trump is so horrible — and his supporters so evil — that Progressive mental collapse is an appropriate response. Really.

Ivanka is too good to help women. Elle, yet another women’s magazine that sells Leftism, assures us that Ivanka is a disaster for women. Hillary’s many (ahem) accomplishments were an inspiration, of course, but Ivanka is so damn accomplished that she’s intimidating and sets women’s rights back by decades, maybe even centuries. Moreover, the entire goal of her father’s upcoming presidency is an exercise in nepotism to benefit her alone. Really.

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