The Bookworm Beat 3/13/17 — beware the Deep State edition

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Progressives deny the Deep State, even as they boast about its accomplishments. So who’s really delusional when talking about the Deep State?

Progressives call conservatives delusional for worrying about a Deep State, while at the same time boasting about the Deep State’s accomplishments. While fealty to Left-wing ideas is a Progressive virtue, no one can ever accuse them of being loyal to facts and logic. This post aims to adduce a few fact points showing that there’s nothing “fake” about the conservative concern that the administrative branch of government, like Frankenstein’s monster, is alive and willing to kill to protect itself — and that Obama is the man leading this army of baby Frankenstein’s monsters.

Obama is the anti-President. Being the anti-President isn’t as bad as being the anti-Christ, but it’s not good. Indeed, it’s an awful, constitutional inversion of a democratic republic. Daniel Greenfield, who has a knack for summarizing complex data points, lays out the indictment against Obama. You need to read it in its entirety, but here’s a small taste to whet your appetite:

Obama Inc. had targeted Trump from the very beginning when it was clear he would be the nominee.

Trump had locked down the GOP nomination in May. Next month there was a FISA request targeting him. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court denied the request, and it is still unknown whether the request targeted Trump, or only his associates, but it’s silly to pretend that the submission of such a request a month after he became the presumptive GOP nominee was apolitical.

The second, narrower, FISA request came through in October. This one was approved. The reason for getting a FISA request in October was even more obvious than June. October is the crucial month in presidential elections. It’s the month of the “October Surprise” when the worst hit pieces based on the keenest opposition research is unleashed. Obama’s opposition research on Trump involved eavesdropping on a server in Trump Tower. Nixon would have been very jealous.

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