Bookworm Beat 3/1/17 — the post-SOTU edition and open thread

President Trump's great speech post-SOTU

I’m sitting here in a glorious post-SOTU haze, thinking about the crazy world in which we live and hoping that Trump can find the path to fix it.

I’m working on a project that will, I hope, come as a pleasant surprise to many of you. In the meantime, here’s a quick round-up of cool links with facts that are useful in our bright new world, just one day after President Trump gave that stellar, even Reagan-esque State of the Union address.

A few last words about that wonderful SOTU. I was going to quote my favorite lines — and then I realized that I liked so many, there would be no room left for anything else in this post. I’ll just say again that it was a really wonderful speech — and the Progressives on my real-me Facebook feed have been left gratifyingly speechless. Since I cannot reduce my admiration to a manageable size, I simply recommend that you read Daniel Greenfield’s admiration.

As for me, rather than comment on a specific line or policy, I’d like to piggy-back on Greenfield’s point about hope’s return. Obama ran on “hope,” but all he offered was divisiveness and disdain. Trump truly loves this country and loves Americans — and people are picking up on that.

Trump is not only a patriot and an optimist, he’s also a futurist, in the old-fashioned Disney mold. Walt Disney, despite the Cold War, was incredibly optimistic about America’s boundless future, something I wrote about here. Trump reminded me of that. Here are a couple of videos for those of you who aren’t familiar with Disney’s Carousel of Progress animatronic show which is, to my mind, the most tangible representation of Disney’s awe about America’s past and faith in her future.

Creating a Chelsea Clinton. I’ve sort of been boycotting Commentary Magazine since John Podhoretz, the editor in chief, shot far beyond condescending #NeverTrump and landed squarely in nasty, vicious #NeverTrump. The other Commentary writers followed his #NeverTrump lead, although they never got aggressive about it.

Still, now that the dust is settling, there are still good things to be found at this venerable, thoughtful conservative magazine. For example, Noah Rothman has written a simply splendid take-down of the vapid, spoiled, meaninglessly ambitious Chelsea Clinton. If you want a good laugh, even if you worry that the Clinton tentacles might still have some life left in them, do read it.

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