#BoycottTheBoycotters — Kellogg isn’t the only one to call you “fascist”


I have a new battle cry:  #BoycottTheBoycotters! Thanks to Breitbart, Trump voters are well aware that Kellogg, rather than marketing its product to all consumers, has declared that roughly half of America’s consumers are “deplorable” and has declared a boycott against them.

I know that sounds rather strong, but that’s exactly what’s going on when a corporation publicly announces that it will take an affirmative stand against that portion of its customers who dared to vote for a candidate that the corporation does not support. What’s worse is that, as of today, another 150 American companies have joined in Kellogg’s decision to boycott American consumers. (Scroll down to see a list of those companies.)

These boycotting corporations feel justified in doing what they’re doing because they’ve bought into the “Trump = Hitler” hype, with the subtext that Trump supporters are a nascent Wehrmacht or Gestapo. My guess is that the corporations succumbed to this primitive, ignorant argument because they’re headed by people who went to American colleges, which have become places that preach totalitarian propaganda, rather than knowledge.

Don’t be one of those ill-informed people who can’t distinguish people who seek totalitarian control from those who crave individual liberty. Here’s the quick down and dirty on fascism — who is and who isn’t. (Hint: Trump and his supporters are not; Progressives are working hard to travel down that road.)

There’s only one thing you need to remember about political systems, which is that there are only two kinds: Those that vest more power in the state (statists) and those that vest less power in the state (individualists). Every political system, no matter the name given, falls along that continuum:

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