#BoycottTheBoycotters update: They’re moving with incredible speed


Three days ago, I wrote a #BoycottTheBoycotters post identifying the 194 businesses that were then boycotting pro-Trump Brietbart on the spurious ground that anything pro-Trump is racist and hate-filled. In the three days since then, Sleeping Giant, the Twitter page that is organizing the anti-Breitbart, anti-Trump boycott has added another 32 businesses to its list of American companies that are using politics to justifying commercially isolating Americans who support the Republican party and the Republican candidate.

I explained in my earlier post that the intellectual foundation for the boycott is completely wrong. I also explained that this boycott is a boycott of you, the American people. These businesses are saying that values, laws, and traditions that were unremarkable a mere eight years ago are now so far beyond the pale that they refuse to do business with anyone who dares to support a pre-Obama America.

You, the maligned American, have a choice: You can let them get away with this or you can push back — hard.

The image below shows the list of businesses as of noon on December 11 that have promised to boycott Breitbart (and, presumably, any other sites that fit the Breitbart parameters). Those businesses in red are the ones that have joined the list in just the last three days. As I said in my post title, the Progressives are moving incredibly fast to marginalize ordinary Americans and we need to respond just as fast. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

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