Brazil: #Chapecoense’s Bolivian air traffic controller seeks asylum

Celia Castedo fled Bolivia, alleging she’s being persecuted:

Bolivian authorities accused Ms. Castedo of “failing to carry out her duties as a public official” in not preventing LaMia flight 2933 from leaving the city of Santa Cruz on Nov. 28. The flight subsequently ran out of fuel and crashed near its destination of Medellín, Colombia, killing 71 people including most members of the Brazilian professional soccer team Chapecoense.

The airline’s final flight plan was in violation of international aviation safety standards, as it didn’t include a refueling stop despite the 4 ½ hour trip stretching the Avro RJ85 aircraft’s flight range.

However (emphasis added),

Ms. Castedo had requested the plan be changed

Read the rest here.Photo by AgenciaAndes Photo by AgenciaAndes

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