Do Inaccurate Polls Abet Voter Fraud?

One of the reasons I believe that polling is so overblown, consider Hillary over Trump in 2016, Biden over Trump in 2020, is to mask, to a certain extent, voter fraud. We have been treated to, in recent times, reports of precincts where more votes were cast than the number [Read More]


Barbarians At The Gate?

You know, I think it is long past time that we dust off another good word that has been little used for too long: barbarians. [ bahr-bair-ee-uhn ] noun a person in a savage, primitive state; uncivilized person. a person without culture, refinement, or education; philistine. (loosely) a foreigner. (in ancient [Read More]


Candace Owens ” George Floyd Is No Martyr

Candace Owens belongs to a group of African Americans who see beyond the BS and understand what the real problems black Americans face are…and it isn’t ‘white racism.’ She’s totally correct that George Floyd is no martyr. He’s a thug who is simply convenient to the Democrats, BLM and Antifa [Read More]

Amy Cooper Christian Cooper Karens

When happens when two leftist Karens meet in Central Park?

An epic “Karens’ war” ends with the low-identity woman losing to the high-identity man, and America’s decency getting debased by a fight between two jerks. The Central Park run-in between Amy Cooper, a white woman walking her dog off-leash, and Christian Cooper (no relation), a black man and bird watcher [Read More]


New York Times Publishes Names of People Who Died of COVID-19 on Entire Front Page

Saved themselves the embarrassment of filling the front page with stories they’d have to retract in a day or two, I guess! At the risk of being accused of “whataboutism”, I don’t recall the NYT filling the front page of their Sunday paper with the names of H1N1 victims? But it reminded [Read More]

Memorial Day

Bookworm Beat 5/25/20 — Memorial Day illustrated edition

This mammoth illustrated edition honors Memorial Day, then tackles the Wuhan Virus, Biden, Democrats, government, and finally ends with a few good laughs. What happens when Karen takes control. — Bookwormroom (@Bookwormroom) May 25, 2020 Biden can no longer speak coherently: This is your cat on drugs….   A [Read More]


On Cultural Appropriation: How Appropriation is Characteristic of Culture

Scott Kerwin writing at Quora answers the question, “Why do people not like cultural appropriation?” You may be too young to remember, but are you familiar with the Japanese PS2 game Katamari Damacy? If it wasn’t designed by the Japanese I’d say it was designed by two surfers tripping acid. [Read More]


Why is the Right Wing So Anti-Intellectual?

Ashley Lande, writing at Quora, rises to the challenge to take on this common misconception about the Right. Here’s her answer, taken from Quora, a Google company. Let me ask you a question. Do you have one of those areas of experience you’re knowledgeable in because you’ve known it since [Read More]

No Safe Spaces

MOVIE REVIEW: No Safe Spaces

No Safe Spaces skillfully, intelligently, and amusingly exposes the intellectual rot eating away at Free Speech in American higher education. Go see it! I went to see Adam Carolla’s and Dennis Prager’s No Safe Spaces this afternoon and I had just one problem with the movie: At a huge multiplex in [Read More]

Candace Owens Taleeb Starkes

[VIDEO] Candace Owens interviews Taleeb Starkes

The only problem with Candace Owens’ interview with Taleeb Starkes is that I suspect it will be watched only by those who don’t need to hear the message. As far as I’m concerned there is only one thing wrong with Candace Owens’ interview with Taleeb Starkes. The problem is that I, a [Read More]

Thanksgiving Native American Indian Torture

A Response to Thanksgiving History as Told by the NYT

The NYT gives us Thanksgiving as seen through a neo-Marxist lens.  It is not only political foolish, but historically inaccurate. This is a response. The NYT gives space to a  lily-white George Washington University History Professor, David J. Silverman, who, surprise, thinks that Thanksgiving is a tragedy of colonialism.  He [Read More]