Professional Licensing Requirements

Professional licensing requirements: harming workers, harming consumers

Professional licensing requirements look very unconstitutional when government power supports monopolies without benefiting either licensees or consumers. Almost a decade ago, in a post entitled “The scam what am,” I described one of the few things that make me, a rather temperate person, starting ranting like a crazy woman: If [Read More]


Enviro Insanity

By: Mike McDaniel    I present for your approval, gentle readers, an article by my good friend Bill Scott, who I’m sure you recall from my recent article about his heart troubles.  He’s also the father of Erik Scott, a man I’ve written a great deal about.   To read [Read More]


DOJ Rescinds Obama-Era Prosecution and Sentencing Policy

On Thursday, the Department of Justice issued new guidelines rolling back the Obama administration’s prosecution and sentencing policy restricting the use of mandatory minimum sentencing. The memo signed by AG Jeff Sessions went into effect immediately. As stated in the memo, those circumstances in which “strict application” of charging guidelines [Read More]

Donald Trump

Bill O’Reilly (from his car) on the Firing of FBI Director James Comey

Bill O’Reilly posted the following commentary regarding President Trump’s termination of FBI Director, James Comey to Twitter this evening. Instant analysis from my car: the firing of FBI Director James Comey – — Bill O’Reilly (@billoreilly) May 10, 2017 BillO’ Bill O’Reilly here with a late breaking update on [Read More]


The Silence Of The FBI

By: Mike McDaniel    Remember The Silence of The Lambs (1991), the Jody Foster vehicle? Foster played Clarice Starling, an FBI recruit, still in the FBI academy, who was recruited by the legendary head of the FBI’s profiling division to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter, and ultimately catch a particularly nasty [Read More]


Waiver that allows military academy athletes to go pro after graduation scrapped.

On Monday, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, put an end to the policy allowing military academy athletes and ROTC athletes to join the NFL or NBA right after graduation. Effective with this year’s graduation class, “newly commissioned officers will serve for their minimum commitment of two years.” Makes sense. DoD [Read More]


Exposing the real agenda behind the push for an Article V convention

Publius Huldah’s Blog by Publius Huldah Exposing the real agenda behind the push for an Article V convention from Publius Huldah on Vimeo. This presentation was given on April 17, 2017 at the beautiful old Supreme Court Chamber at the Tennessee Capitol Building in Nashville. Exhibit List The proposed Constitution [Read More]