Iran So Much Winning
Donald Trump

Further thoughts about the situation in Iran

I continue to believe that Trump did the right thing vis-a-vis Iran by killing Soleimani, the terrorist, and these are a few random thoughts to explain why. At a base, reflexive level, I’ve gotten to the point at which anything the Democrats are against, I’m for. If they think we [Read More]

Trump Derangement Syndrome
Donald Trump

Watching Trump Derangement Syndrome in action in 2020

We’re only five days into 2020, but thanks to the Soleimani strike, Trump Derangement Syndrome is already exceeding anything we’ve seen before. I knew that 2019 wasn’t the year of peak crazy Trump Derangement Syndrome, despite the excesses of the House’s impeachment process. I knew that the Left would be [Read More]


Bookworm Beat 1/3/20 — the “Iran really screwed the pooch” illustrated edition

This hasn’t been a good week for Iran and the internet meme makers are on it. This is a brilliant collection of other people’s wit, plus a few random things. This one’s not a joke; it’s an insight into the American Left: These next five aren’t clever, they’re very sweet [Read More]

Donald Trump

Trump has shown true leadership with events in Iraq

Trump’s brilliant targeted strike against one of the world’s most evil men, while it offended the Left, may help bring down the Mullahs’ rule in Iran. So, let’s have a brief rundown, shall we? On December 27, a rocket attack on an Iraqi military base in Kirkuk, Northern Iraq, killed [Read More]

Bernie Sanders by Matt Johnson Medicare for All

I don’t like Bernie because his “Medicare For All” plan is terrible for America’s health and economy

Bernie’s “Medicare for All” plan ignores facts: we can’t afford it, the European system floated on American money, and socialized medicine has bad outcomes. This is a somewhat updated version of a post I wrote in February 2016, before the Hillary mafia got Bernie to retire from the fray. When [Read More]

Bernie Sanders by Matt Johnson Medicare for All

Things people need to know now that Bernie is rising

With Bernie Sanders once again a serious contender, it’s time to revisit my posts from 2016, which take a serious look at his dangerous proposed policies. Back in 2016, I found very disturbing the fact that my children’s friends were wildly enthused about Bernie Sanders. I certainly understood their innate [Read More]

Impeachment Trump
Donald Trump

NYT: Impeachment rightfully gives losers tyranny over winners

At the NYT, hard Leftist Michelle Goldberg explains that impeachment offsets the tyranny of the Electoral College, giving losers their rightful victory. You’ve probably had your fill about impeachment. You’ve read the articles about its being a kabuki farce, about Pelosi’s unconstitutional quid pro quo demands on the Senate, about [Read More]

Impeachment Coastal Democrats
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Impeachment and the Democrats’ deadly malaise

Faux impeachment proceedings aren’t going to help the Democrat Party faithful’s deadly lack of enthusiasm; they’re paralyzed by their own ineffectiveness. A Democratic Malaise A few days ago, I noticed that my real-me Facebook page has been peculiarly silent about Ukraine and the impeachment. This silence interested me. Because I [Read More]