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…Police Checkpoints To Cancel Thanksgiving & To Verify ‘Essential Activity’

This article ran first in NewsThud.Com Coronacommies: Your Papers Please! USA City Set’s Up Police Checkpoints To Cancel Thanksgiving & To Verify ‘Essential Activity’ Paul Goldberg November 22, 2020 What the hell is going on in America!? New Jersey’s largest city, Newark has set up Police checkpoints on the roads [Read More]



THE REAL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION WAS RIGGED IN 2018 Daniel Greenfield Excerpt: There are many lessons that Republicans ought to learn from 2020, but the biggest of them is studying and understanding the larger battlefield and the levers of power behind the scenes. The Left excels at understanding and exploiting these [Read More]


The Democrats had a comprehensive plan for election fraud but Trump’s massive victory, plus an inexorable computer algorithm, ruined it all. I listened to the press conference that President Trump’s legal team gave today. Because I’ve been following this story extremely closely since the election, none of them said anything [Read More]

While we slept, the communists had a plan

ARTICLE APPEARED FIRST IN AMERICANTHINKER.COM November 12, 2020 While we slept, the communists had a plan By Jim Forbes . On January 10, 1963…. . . …as an extension of remarks of Representative A.S. Herlong of Florida, “Current Communist Goals” were entered in the Congressional Record — Appendix, pp. A34–A35.  There [Read More]

Democrats, BLM, and ANTIFA: just turn your other cheek; repair the world.

An Original ARTICLE BY JEFFREY A. FRIEDBERG <—————————————> I haven’t been reading much speculation lately, but I have read enough factual infarctions to risk my brain and other organs. Hey, kids, we were admonished to vote, “and vote hard,” like our “lives depend upon it,” yadda yadda…. And we did. [Read More]

Democrats' virus

It’s not Covid-19; it’s not the Wuhan virus; it’s the Democrats’ virus

While the virus known as Covid-19 originated somewhere in China, if you want to know who weaponized it, the real culprits are the Democrats. One of the problems that the Democrats had going into 2020 was Trump’s refusal to be Hitler. Trump didn’t round-up Jews; he embraced them. Trump didn’t [Read More]


The election: If you’ve got the coattails, you’ve got to have the coat

The fact that there is a red wave on the down-ballot votes in the swing states is all the proof you need that the Biden surge is a fraud. Initially, I thought it marginally possible that Americans, after the four-year, nonstop media drumbeat against Trump, combined with the media’s and [Read More]


Oh…One Last Thing I Have Remaining To Say: “Trump is NOT ‘PRESIDENTIAL.'”

ARTICLE BY JEFFREY A. FRIEDBERG So, kids, the President is not “Presidential?” What IS “Presidential?” That term would be a useless, fictitious, Hollywood-scripted, bullshit way to behave. A made-up NON-reality. Make-believe. A unicorn fart invented by some probable democrat writer. “Presidential.” You know: a fake “reality.” A “Manipulation?” Like in [Read More]