Sunday, March 29, 2020 Who’s Funding the Coronavirus Political Trolls? Posted by Daniel Greenfield: Everyone gave something. Steven Spielberg and his wife gave $100,000. His former partner, Jeffrey Katzenberg, gave another $100,000. The producers of Lost gave over $50,000. Jett actress Carla Gugino also chipped in.  Not to relief efforts dealing with [Read More]


Turn the economy back on; even Fauci is confessing… LET’S GO BACK TO WORK

Turn the economy back on; even Fauci is confessing…LET’S GO BACK TO WORK BY JON RAPPOPORT, NOMOREFAKENEWS.COM (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)If I could reach through my screen and physically shake people with this news, I would. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US front man for managing the [Read More]



The Pro-Sanders Vegan Cult That’s Upstaging 2020 Democrats Posted by THE GREAT Daniel Greenfield. Like its namesake, the Biden campaign does odd and inexplicable things. Even as a panicked Democrat establishment united to boost him to a win on Super Tuesday, Biden was in the one major state that he lost [Read More]

Media Bias

Bookworm Beat 1/12/20 — the “I don’t have answers, I only have questions edition”

Reading through the news, I see that most of the news is so crazy, it doesn’t inform me; it just leaves me with questions that I’ll now share with you. I’ve mentioned before a game I play with a friend. He reads me headlines and asks me to guess whether [Read More]

Media Bias

The transgender movement shows that our media, not our government, is Orwellian

There is a grave danger that, if our media gets us to believe the big lie behind the transgender movement, it can get us to believe anything. Nazi theory indeed specifically denies that such a thing as “the truth” exists. … The implied objective of this line of thought is a [Read More]

Bernie Sanders by Matt Johnson Medicare for All
Guns & 2nd Amendment

Bernie’s embrace of gun control endangers American liberty

With Bernie rising in the polls, getting closer to controlling our government, note how he has started to demand dangerous, anti-liberty gun control. The website I Like Bernie, But… seeks to address concerns that voters might have about Bernie Sanders, and to assure them that his plans work, that he’s electable, and [Read More]

Jews Self Defense Anti-Semitism
Race Relations

Hanukkah attack shows Jews must learn self-defense

The Hanukkah attack didn’t arise in a vacuum: World politics and history reminds us that Jews cannot look to others for help but must defend themselves. Ever since World War II, the mantra has been “Never Again.” I hope you notice how carefully wrote that sentence in passive voice, something [Read More]

Social Issues

An addendum to my previous post about the “transgender” movement

Candace Owens’ excellent interview with Walt Heyer, reminded me of a few points to add about the evil that is the modern “transgender” movement. Yesterday I put up a post about the so-called transgender movement, which I consider one of the great evils being visited on America today. It’s long, [Read More]

Jenner Femme Transgender SBBDD
Social Issues

J.K. Rowlings’ fallout with the so-called transgender movement is instructive

The transgender movement highlights everything that’s wrong with the Left, for Leftists seek societal control un-anchored to reason, science, or sanity. You may have heard that J. K. Rowling recently got called out by the transgender movement for daring to say that men are not women. To her credit, Rowling [Read More]


“C’mon, Man…Look, Man…Hey, Man…Can I Smell Your Hair…Man…Suck Your Fingers…MAN?”

“Man….” HEY, “COOL” JOE: I don’t think anybody says “man” anymore. I think now they say, “hombre,” or “يا رجل.” JOE BIDEN: BORN IN A LOG CABIN, IN 1733…Oh, wait…. JOE BIDEN: BORN ON THE NEW YORK WATERFRONT IN A ROWBOAT IN 1911…OH, WAIT…. JOE BIDEN: BORN IN A SPEAK [Read More]


“Journalistic Standards” Have ALWAYS Been About Lies, and–In Some Cases–Advancing Causes.

So-Called, “Journalistic Standards,” seem to have almost always been concerned with journalism as an “engine” of agendas. How could it not? From the moment that the colonials received word of Britain’s new taxes in 1764 until reports of the peace treaty arrived in 1783, the press constituted the major source [Read More]

Trump Make America Great Again Black Voters
Donald Trump

[VIDEO] Why America loves Donald Trump and why he should win in 2020

The AC/DC soundtrack only makes more powerful this great video contrasting the media’s blind Trump-hatred versus Trump’s virtues and pro-Americanism. Trump Thunderstruck from Mr Smith on Vimeo. (Hat tip: Ace of Spades — and you should go to this Ace of Spades link because today’s content is that good, including [Read More]


When We Knew Who We Were–And What Restroom To Use.”

OPINION: By JEFFREY A FRIEDBERG DEMS, 2020 <———> There was a time…. ….Not so long ago, when we knew who we were. And we knew what rest-room to use. America was Good. Communism, drugs, criminals, poo in the street, and perversion were Bad. But, Democrats, in 2019–with thanks to Barry [Read More]

Ethnic studies

Woke teachers and ethnic studies are toxic

So-called “woke” teachers — aka socialists — in their ethnic studies classes use a strong foundation of complete ignorance to teach kids to hate America. (This post develops one of the topics I discussed in my No. 31 Bookworm Podcast.) Writing at Minding the Campus, George Leef has an article [Read More]

Illustrated edition

Bookworm Beat 10/26/19 — a monster illustrated edition, filled with everything!

Possibly my biggest illustrated edition ever, complete with impeachment, Russia investigations, climate change, stupid leftists, beauty, and so much more. Be sure to read all the text under this next one to understand why these three heroes are included in the “stupid leftists” segment of this illustrated edition:

Syria Bookworm Podcast Transgenderism Military Coup
Social Issues

No. 27 Bookworm Podcast : James Younger and the problems with transgenderism

In my latest podcast, I talk the custody battle over James Younger and the myriad problems it raises with the fad called transgenderism. My latest podcast is up and running. You can listen to it through the audio embed below, or at LibSyn, or through Apple Podcasts. The podcast: 1. Explains why [Read More]



OPINION: BY JEFFREY A. FRIEDBERG I have never actually cared about Gay, Lesbian, or the so-called, “Transgender.” Not until it all somehow became a self-proclaimed, totalitarian, violent force, reminiscent of the old Nazi SA—which was run by a Gay Guy. NAZI: ”National Socialism (Nationalsozialismus), more commonly known as Nazism.” SA: “SA, abbreviation of Sturmabteilung (German: [Read More]