The Useless Nations and their hatred of Israel

Via Doug Ross By Anne Bayefsky According to the U.N.’s top human rights body, Israel is the worst human rights violator in the world today. That’s the result of the latest session of the UN Human Rights Council which wrapped up in Geneva on Friday by adopting five times more [Read More]

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Why Trump’s Policies And Israel’s New Law Could Lead To Real Peace

Amid headlines from the usual suspects about President Trump ‘criticizing Israeli settlements’ (including the leftist press in Israel) the truth is that Trump’s policies anda new Israeli  law could lead to real peace. What President Trump actually said was that the creation of new settlements was not helpful when it [Read More]


Trump Freezes Obama’s $221M Gift To ‘Palestine’..What It Means

President Trump took quick action to freeze President Obama’s $221 million dollar gift to ‘Palestine’ courtesy of the American taxpayers.The money was a last minute payout; from President Barack Hussein Obama to Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority in the last hours before President Trump’s swearing in on January 20th. [Read More]


The Paris ‘ Peace Conference’ Turns Into A Farce

The Paris peace conference designed to be another slap at Israel turned into a farce devoid of meaning. It certainly didn’t have the kick Barack Obama and John Kerry intended. Instead of strengthening the insidious UNSC 2334, it actually buried it and made it ridiculous. UNSC 2334, as biased as [Read More]


Israeli Company Develops Amazing New Bone Replacement Material – from Coral!

An Israeli company, CoreBone has come up with a major breakthrough in bone replacement, used for grafts and implants. “Bone grafts ideally should have four features,” CoreBone CEO Ohad Schwartz explained to ISRAEL21c. “They must be bioactive, not just a passive scaffold, in order to attract new bone cells; they [Read More]

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Obama betrays Israel, and Robert Reich says “more, please”

Kerry is an incredibly stupid, evil man. Only stupid people cling to the “two-state” idea given that the Palestinians have already walked away three times from offers giving them everything they asked for and, instead, have doubled down on their genocidal fury. The Palestinians keep the “two-state” solution alive as [Read More]

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As Obama Plots Israel’s Demise, Netanyahu Seeks Alliance w/Trump, Congress

After Barack Obama collaborated last week with fellow anti-Semites in the United Nations on the 14-0 vote of anti-Israeli Resolution 2334, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister does not intend to wait for the next shoe to drop. Expecting more acts of trickery from the Muslim-in-chief and his pit of rattlesnakes [Read More]


A short post-Christmas rumination on Christmas songs and the UN

Yes, I know that it’s no longer Christmas anywhere until next year, but I still want to share with you Alan Jackson’s Let It Be Christmas Everywhere: Here’s the story behind my sharing that video: My daughter loves Christmas carols, so she’s been taking advantage of Christmas playlists. We’ve listened [Read More]


The Emperor and the Jewess

By Scott Kirwin About three years ago I started collecting ancient Roman coins. Ancient Rome has 1,200 year history, and the focus of my collection is on a very particular slice of that history, a 250 year period from the death of Julius Caesar to the death of the Severan [Read More]

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Drama Queens and Faux Fear on the Left

by Robert J. Avrech Endlessly and tediously we hear about the fear that grips the Hillary dead-enders. They are afraid that Donald Trump is a fascist demagogue. Which is quite weird because these are the very same people who are grief-stricken over the death of the fascist demagogue Fidel Castro.


Three Essential Streaming Movies

by Robert J. Avrech Zero Motivation, (2014) Israel. Zohar (Dana Ivgy) and Daffi (Nelly Tagar) are two young Israeli soldiers serving on a remote army base. Stuck in the Human Resources Division, the girls are bored pencil-pushers who spend their days playing video games, singing pop songs, flirting with handsome [Read More]