Caution: You Have Reached The End Of The Internet

Have you seen that old joke online, a big sign that says, “You have reached the end of the internet.”

I feel like that.

Since having retired, 15 years ago, writing books, being a SEO guru, blogging, researching, and so on, I have spent a LOT of time online. I have read all sorts of articles, books, stories,  and watched all sorts of videos. For years I’ve felt there’s nothing really on TV. I cancelled Netflix, no longer try to watch Amazon Streaming, and—whatever.

There’s nothing. There are no books in Amazon Prime or Unlimited I want to read. I don’t play video games anymore, and movies pretty much stink. Is life over?

No. I just live without TV and things. It’s because in my very long life I’ve seen all these stories, plots, TV shows, movie “arcs,” and politics—like six times each. I’m bored with it. I feel like Dracula, from experience knowing everything that comes next.

This may be part of the reason why I’m still a Conservative. The media has not been able to get my brain and wash it. I pay zero attention to TV and Hollywood. I’m bored. I’ve seen it. I’m immune.

Have I lived too long? I’m sure Twitter and Facebook have views on that. But, no, I’ve just outgrown the propaganda online, on the airways, and on screens everywhere. It all stinks but not everybody seems to know it. Readers on Amazon give books five stars when the books stink. They give movies five stars when the movie stinks. Why? Because they have been conditioned to expect less and love it. That’s their future.

I’ve seen many movies, TV shows, and videos. I’ve read a lot. I know so much crap, I even know that, in 1964, James Cameron was inspired by a Twilight Zone episode called “Demon With A Glass Hand,” starring Robert Culp—inspired, to make the film, “Terminator.” That was in, 1984. That’s the kind of endless, uselss trivia I’ve learned in the bowels of Media. – and JAF IMAGES

Have we become an “Idiocracy?” Yes. I think a lot of us are just gone. We have become idiots, socialists, communists, and vote Democrat.

Unreasoning. Unreasonable. Unknowing. Unbelieving.

And there’s no point in any Conservative ever trying to change the mind of a Liberal: it’s genetic with the Liberal.

Liberalism is  a mental condition that can never be interfered with or altered—like a machine. Like a Terminator.

“Listen, and understand! That Liberal is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!”

Have I lived too long? Is life over for me?

For you?

No. I’m old enough to see a Truth.

What Truth? That it’s not too late. There’s time. And so, I bring you a warning: tell everybody. Earth hangs by a thread, and only you can save it from those who want you dead.

Those who believe in no borders, in everyone brought down to the lowest common denominator, and in One World—a world run exclusively by them.

So, stand up. Say something. Write something. Do something real.

Tell everybody.


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